Add Google Sheets Drop Down List

Here are the steps to create a drop down list in Google sheets. We will be using the data validation built in option to do this. Lets see how it is done.

Open the Google sheets or create a new sheet from & follow these steps.

  1. Click on a cell.
  2. Select “Data” from Menu.
  3. Choose “Data Validation”.
  4. From popup select a range for list of values OR
  5. Type you own list as in the below image.
  6. Click save.

Now, you will be able to see a down arrow. This means that the drop download is added to the Google sheet.


The users can select this drop down & choose any values in it. If you have choose a range instead of list of values, then the dropdown will behave dynamic.

ie., as the values in rane changes, the drop down will dynamically pick those values and make it avalable for the users.

Auto Suggest Values from Dropdown List

As you start to type, the values that match the text will be displayed in the dropdown. So, it is easy to choose from the filtered values.

This is a advantage of using Google sheets Dropdown. You dont have to scroll through all the values to choose it.

If any values other than pesent in the list is typed in, by default Google sheets will display warning. If you dont want this option, click on data  validation & switch of this warning option.

Remove Drop down in Google Sheets

At later point of time, if you would like to remove the dropdown list, follow these steps.

  1. Click on cell with dropdown list.
  2. From Menu choose “Data” -> Data Validation
  3. Click “Remove DataValidation”
  4. Save.

Thats it. The data validation on the cell will be removed & hence the drop down will no longer be visible in that cell.

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