Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets

If you want to remove duplicates entries in Google sheets easily, follow these instructions

Before that, consider that You have data in Sheet1 & column A is one which has list of values with some duplicates. Now,

  1. Open Google sheets from Google Drive.
  2. Enter formula ‘=UNIQUE(A:A)’ in any cell
  3. Press Enter.
  4. From selected cell all Unique values will be printed.

For Example: if the above formula is entered in Cell “B1”, Considering Column ‘A’ has values till row 10 and 2 are duplicates. Then from B1 to B8, we will get the unique values.

How to get Count of Unique values ignoring Duplicates?

If you want to know how many values are unique before trying the above option or would like to verify the results after removing duplicates, then:

  1. Enter formula ‘=COUNTUNIQUE(A:A) in another cell ‘C1’.
  2. Spreadsheet will return the count of unique values.

These are the various methods of how we can remove duplicate values in Google Sheets.

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