Citizenship Act & CAA 2019

This article does not present any views about the latest Amendment to Citizenship Act 1955.

But we have provided the links where the PDF version of these 2 Acts can be found.
(CAA -5 Page + CA-15 Page)

There is a huge nationwide stir due to this with mixed opinions. Not sure how many have read through the actual document – be it a supporter or someone feels disappointed.

Hope these documents from trusted government websites would bring some clear vision.

Amendment 2019 Document Link

There are 2 links in this page one for Citizenship Act 1955 & the other one to 2019 Amendment.

  1. Citizenship Act 1955: Click here to view the PDF or download.
  2. Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019: Click here to view the PDF or download.

These 2 document are not provided by officetricks website. These are from 2 domains that belong to Government of India. We are only directing the people to get information, but not posting any personal views about it.