Do not Call Registry SMS Option – Start DND

Are you annoyed by so many Marketing & Promotional calls?

Here is the simplest method to stop those calls & sms messages.

Send SMS: 'START 0' to 1909

Soon you will get a confirmation message whether your request is processed or not.

Once your Mobile is added to this National Do Not Call Registry, the marketing, Promotional calls & sms will not be sent to your mobile.

If not sms, you can also make a call to 1909 & choose corresponding option from IVR to register your mobile to Do Not Call Registry.

Check NDNC – Do Not Call Registry Status

If you are confused if your number is already registered with NDNC registry or not, then you can check the status in this link.

Enter you mobile number and click submit.

The website will fetch the status or DNC & when it is getting expired.

After the expiration date, the above SMS has to be sent again to enroll yourself again.

Reference: NDNC official website.

There are also a possibility that some services that sends promotional messages, product related offers will also be stopped to your Mobile number. Read the above website to know complete detail about this.

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