Tata IPL 2022 – Schedule in PDF & Excel

This year IPL15 matches time table is officially announced. Here is a summary of the event along with IPL 2022 schedule pdf.

  • Start Date – 26th March 2022 (Friday – India).
  • IPL Final – 29th May 2022 (Sunday – Ahmedabad)
  • 10 Franchise Teams (New additions: Gujarat Titans & Lucknow Super Giants)
  • 70 Leagues (Earlier it is used to be 56 leagues)
  • 3 Play offs
  • 1 Grand Finale
  • Official website: iplt20.com
  • Official Title Sponser: Tata Group
  • Match Venues: Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad

The first match in this years Indian Premiere League schedule was between Kolkata Knight Rider & CSK at Mumbai. KRR won the opening match pretty confidently. Would the Toss play a major role in upcoming matches as Jadeja quoted that batting for first 7 Overs is going to be tough.

Download the Indian Premiere League 2022 Schedule

Here are the time table of the matches in Excel & PDF formats.

1.Excel of Ipl Schedule: Download Tata IPL 2022 Schedule Excel Time Table Downloaded 243 Times

2.PDF of Ipl Schedule: Download Tata IPL 2022 Schedule PDF Time Table Downloaded 183 Times

IPL 2022 India – Scheduled Time table – Venue Details

M# Date Day Time (IST) Team1 Team2 Venue
1 26-Mar Sat 7:30 PM CSK KKR Wankhede Stadium
2 27-Mar Sun 3:30 PM DC MI Brabourne – CCI
3 27-Mar Sun 7:30 PM PBKS RCB DY Patil Stadium
4 28-Mar Mon 7:30 PM GT LSG Wankhede Stadium
5 29-Mar Tue 7:30 PM SRH RR MCA Stadium, Pune
6 30-Mar Wed 7:30 PM RCB KKR DY Patil Stadium
7 31-Mar Thu 7:30 PM LSG CSK Brabourne – CCI
8 01-Apr Fri 7:30 PM KKR PBKS Wankhede Stadium
9 02-Apr Sat 3:30 PM MI RR DY Patil Stadium
10 02-Apr Sat 7:30 PM GT DC MCA Stadium, Pune
11 03-Apr Sun 7:30 PM CSK PBKS Brabourne – CCI
12 04-Apr Mon 7:30 PM SRH LSG DY Patil Stadium
13 05-Apr Tue 7:30 PM RR RCB Wankhede Stadium
14 06-Apr Wed 7:30 PM KKR MI MCA Stadium, Pune
15 07-Apr Thu 7:30 PM LSG DC DY Patil Stadium
16 08-Apr Fri 7:30 PM PBKS GT Brabourne – CCI
17 09-Apr Sat 3:30 PM CSK SRH DY Patil Stadium
18 09-Apr Sat 7:30 PM RCB MI MCA Stadium, Pune
19 10-Apr Sun 3:30 PM KKR DC Brabourne – CCI
20 10-Apr Sun 7:30 PM RR LSG Wankhede Stadium
21 11-Apr Mon 7:30 PM SRH GT DY Patil Stadium
22 12-Apr Tue 7:30 PM CSK RCB DY Patil Stadium
23 13-Apr Wed 7:30 PM MI PBKS MCA Stadium, Pune
24 14-Apr Thu 7:30 PM RR GT DY Patil Stadium
25 15-Apr Fri 7:30 PM SRH KKR Brabourne – CCI
26 16-Apr Sat 3:30 PM MI LSG Brabourne – CCI
27 16-Apr Sat 7:30 PM DC RCB Wankhede Stadium
28 17-Apr Sun 3:30 PM PBKS SRH Brabourne – CCI
29 17-Apr Sun 7:30 PM GT CSK MCA Stadium, Pune
30 18-Apr Mon 7:30 PM RR KKR Brabourne – CCI
31 19-Apr Tue 7:30 PM LSG RCB DY Patil Stadium
32 20-Apr Wed 7:30 PM DC PBKS MCA Stadium, Pune
33 21-Apr Thu 7:30 PM MI CSK DY Patil Stadium
34 22-Apr Fri 7:30 PM DC RR MCA Stadium, Pune
35 23-Apr Sat 3:30 PM KKR GJ DY Patil Stadium
36 23-Apr Sat 7:30 PM RCB SRH Brabourne – CCI
37 24-Apr Sun 7:30 PM LSG MI Wankhede Stadium
38 25-Apr Mon 7:30 PM PBKS CSK Wankhede Stadium
39 26-Apr Tue 7:30 PM RCB RR MCA Stadium, Pune
40 27-Apr Wed 7:30 PM GT SRH Wankhede Stadium
41 28-Apr Thu 7:30 PM DC KKR Wankhede Stadium
42 29-Apr Fri 7:30 PM PBKS LSG MCA Stadium, Pune
43 30-Apr Sat 3:30 PM GT RCB Brabourne – CCI
44 30-Apr Sat 7:30 PM RR MI DY Patil Stadium
45 01-May Sun 3:30 PM DC LSG Wankhede Stadium
46 01-May Sun 7:30 PM SRH CSK MCA Stadium, Pune
47 02-May Mon 7:30 PM KKR RR Wankhede Stadium
48 03-May Tue 7:30 PM GT PBKS DY Patil Stadium
49 04-May Wed 7:30 PM RCB CSK MCA Stadium, Pune
50 05-May Thu 7:30 PM DC SRH Brabourne – CCI
51 06-May Fri 7:30 PM GT MI Brabourne – CCI
52 07-May Sat 3:30 PM PBKS RR Wankhede Stadium
53 07-May Sat 3:30 PM LSG KKR MCA Stadium, Pune
54 08-May Sun 3:30 PM SRH RCB Wankhede Stadium
55 08-May Sun 3:30 PM CSK DC DY Patil Stadium
56 09-May Mon 7:30 PM MI KKR DY Patil Stadium
57 10-May Tue 7:30 PM LSG GT MCA Stadium, Pune
58 11-May Wed 7:30 PM RR DC DY Patil Stadium
59 12-May Thu 7:30 PM CSK MI Wankhede Stadium
60 13-May Fri 7:30 PM RCB PBKS Brabourne – CCI
61 14-May Sat 7:30 PM KKR SRH MCA Stadium, Pune
62 15-May Sun 3:30 PM CSK GT Wankhede Stadium
63 15-May Sun 7:30 PM LSG RR Brabourne – CCI
64 16-May Mon 7:30 PM PBKS DC DY Patil Stadium
65 17-May Tue 7:30 PM MI SRH Wankhede Stadium
66 18-May Wed 7:30 PM KKR LSG DY Patil Stadium
67 19-May Thu 7:30 PM RCB GT Wankhede Stadium
68 20-May Fri 7:30 PM RR CSK Brabourne – CCI
69 21-May Sat 7:30 PM MI DC Wankhede Stadium
70 22-May Sun 7:30 PM SRH PBKS Wankhede Stadium
71 TBD TBD 7:30 PM PlayOff Q1 Ahmedabad
72 TBD TBD 7:30 PM PlayOff E1 Ahmedabad
73 TBD TBD 7:30 PM PlayOff Q2 Ahmedabad
74 29-May Sun 7:30 PM Final Ahmedabad

With the addition of 2 new team Gujarat & Lucknow, we get additional 16 matchs this year. It going to be a lengthy summer vacation this year.

Lot of players got suffled across team & not sure how the players are gonan fit into their new teams & new roles. But of course the fans are gonna miss their start players. But do not worry, there is always gonna be something new.

Vivo IPL 2021 – Phase 2 Revised Schedule PDF & Excel

This year remaining IPL14 matches time table is officially announced. Here is a summary of the event along with IPL 2021 schedule pdf.

  • Start Date – 9th Apr 2021 (Friday – India).
  • Revised Start for remaining matches – 19th Sep 2021 (Sunday – Dubai)
  • IPL Final – to be decided
  • 8 Franchise Teams
  • 56 Leagues
  • 3 Play offs
  • 1 Grand Finale
  • Revised End Date – 15th Oct 2021 (Friday)
  • Official website: iplt20.com
  • Official Sponser: Vivo

The first match in this IPL schedule was between Mumbai Indians & Bangalore at Chennai  & Revised Matches starting on Sep 19th is also between CSK & Mumbai. How thrilling it would be !!! – the 2 mighty teams that have won the cup most times.

IPL 2022 Dubai – Revised Schedule – Venue Details

M# Date Day Time (IST) Team Team Venue
30 9/19/2021 Sun 7.30 pm CSK MI Dubai
31 9/20/2021 Mon 7.30 pm KKR RCB Abu Dhabi
32 9/21/2021 Tue 7.30 pm PBKS RR Dubai
33 9/22/2021 Wed 7.30 pm DC SRH Dubai
34 9/23/2021 Thu 7.30 pm MI KKR Abu Dhabi
35 9/24/2021 Fri 7.30 pm RCB CSK Sharjah
36 9/25/2021 Sat 3.30 pm DC RR Abu Dhabi
37 9/25/2021 Sat 7.30 pm SRH PBKS Sharjah
38 9/26/2021 Sun 3.30 pm CSK KKR Abu Dhabi
39 9/26/2021 Sun 7.30 pm RCB MI Dubai
40 9/27/2021 Mon 7.30 pm SRH RR Dubai
41 9/28/2021 Tue 3.30 pm KKR DC Sharjah
42 9/28/2021 Tue 7.30 pm MI PBKS Abu Dhabi
43 9/29/2021 Wed 7.30 pm RR RCB Dubai
44 9/30/2021 Thu 7.30 pm SRH CSK Sharjah
45 10/1/2021 Fri 7.30 pm KKR PBKS Dubai
46 10/2/2021 Sat 3.30 pm MI DC Sharjah
47 10/2/2021 Sat 7.30 pm RR CSK Abu Dhabi
48 10/3/2021 Sun 3.30 pm RCB PBKS Sharjah
49 10/3/2021 Sun 7.30 pm KKR SRH Dubai
50 10/4/2021 Mon 7.30 pm DC SRH Dubai
51 10/5/2021 Tue 7.30 pm RR MI Sharjah
52 10/6/2021 Wed 7.30 pm RCB SRH Abu Dhabi
53 10/7/2021 Thu 3.30 pm CSK PBKS Dubai
54 10/7/2021 Thu 7.30 pm KKR RR Sharjah
55 10/8/2021 Fri 3.30 pm SRH MI Abu Dhabi
56 10/8/2021 Fri 7.30 pm RCB DC Dubai
57 10/10/2021 Sun 7.30 pm Qualifier 1 Dubai
58 10/11/2021 Mon 7.30 pm Eliminator Sharjah
59 10/13/2021 Wed 7.30 pm Qualifier 2 Sharjah
60 10/15/2021 Fri 7.30 pm Final Dubai

Official fixtures of the Vivo IPL 2021 Matches are confirmed & here is the fixture details available in PDF & Excel download format.

1.Excel of Ipl Schedule: Download Dream11 IPL 2021 Schedule Excel Time Table Downloaded 372 Times

2.PDF of Ipl Schedule: Download Dream11 IPL 2021 Schedule PDF Time Table Downloaded 164 Times

IPL Match Previous match Results

3. Vivo IPL 2021 Match Results:

M# Date Team Team2 Winner Venue
1 4/9/2021 MI RCB RCB Chennai
2 4/10/2021 CSK DC DC Mumbai
3 4/11/2021 SRH KKR KKR Chennai
4 4/12/2021 RR PBKS PBKS Mumbai
5 4/13/2021 KKR MI MI Chennai
6 4/14/2021 SRH RCB RCB Chennai
7 4/15/2021 RR DC RR Mumbai
8 4/16/2021 PBKS CSK CSK Mumbai
9 4/17/2021 MI SRH MI Chennai
10 4/18/2021 RCB KKR RCB Chennai
11 4/18/2021 DC PBKS DC Mumbai
12 4/19/2021 CSK RR CSK Mumbai
13 4/20/2021 DC MI DC Chennai
14 4/21/2021 PBKS SRH SRH Chennai
15 4/21/2021 KKR CSK CSK Mumbai
16 4/22/2021 RCB RR RCB Mumbai
17 4/23/2021 PBKS MI PBKS Chennai
18 4/24/2021 RR KKR RR Mumbai
19 4/25/2021 CSK RCB CSK Mumbai
20 4/25/2021 SRH DC DC Chennai
21 4/26/2021 PBKS KKR KKR Ahmedabad
22 4/27/2021 DC RCB RCB Ahmedabad
23 4/28/2021 CSK SRH CSK Delhi
24 4/29/2021 MI RR MI Delhi
25 4/29/2021 DC KKR DC Ahmedabad
26 4/30/2021 PBKS RCB PBKS Ahmedabad
27 5/1/2021 MI CSK MI Delhi
28 5/2/2021 RR SRH RR Delhi
29 5/2/2021 PBKS DC DC Ahmedabad

Source: IPL 2020 Schedule published in Official IPL Website.Also read: Dream11 IPL Full Team Squad, Coach, Franchise Owners at iplfixture.comAlso, check out this page – iplfixture.com – to keep updated on the latest news updates on schedule & time table.

IPL Schedule Excel App – Time Table Features

Highlight Team in Scheduled Time Table

    • IPL fixtures includes 60 Matches played between 8 Teams
    • It will be difficult to refer the schedule to get the schedule dates on which your team is playing.
    • We have simplified it. Choose the Team that you support from the drop down list.
    • This Excel will highlight the schedule wherever your team is appearing.

Point Table Maintenance

    • After Every match, just choose the Winning Team from the Column “Winner”.
    • Points table will be updated Automatically.
    • Sort the Team’s Position based on the Points Accumulated.

Match Results Updated

    •  Click the Command “Refresh Results” to update the Match results till date
    • Also it updates the Points table

The download file in this article is updated with First Match Result. Now it is up to the users to keep track of the upcoming matches.

Wish you all a Happy IPL Season in this Summer Vacation Time.

IPL Archives – History in PDF & Excel

Vivo IPL 12 2019

PDF Version of IPL Schedule 2019 – Venue Details & Match Time Table:

IPL 2019 Schedule PDF Free Download  Downloaded 2,492 Times

Excel Version of IPL Schedule 2019 – Venue Details & Match Time Table:

IPL12 2019 - Schedule Excel Free Download Downloaded 5,233 Times

IPL 2019 Time Table Fixtures

Date Time Day VIVO IPL 2019 Teams VIVO IPL 2019 Teams2 Venue
23-Mar 8 PM Sat Chennai Super Kings Royal Challengers Bangalore Chennai
24-Mar 4 PM Sun Kolkata Knight Riders Sun Risers Hyderabad Kolkata
24-Mar 8 PM Sun Mumbai Indians Delhi Capitals Mumbai
25-Mar 8 PM Mon Rajasthan Royals Kings XI Punjab Jaipur
26-Mar 8 PM Tue Delhi Capitals Chennai Super Kings Delhi
27-Mar 8 PM Wed Kolkata Knight Riders Kings XI Punjab Kolkata
28-Mar 8 PM Thu Royal Challengers Bangalore Mumbai Indians Bengaluru
29-Mar 8 PM Fri Sun Risers Hyderabad Rajasthan Royals Hyderabad
30-Mar 4 PM Sat Kings XI Punjab Mumbai Indians Mohali
30-Mar 8 PM Sat Delhi Capitals Kolkata Knight Riders Delhi
31-Mar 4 PM Sun Sun Risers Hyderabad Royal Challengers Bangalore Hyderabad
31-Mar 8 PM Sun Chennai Super Kings Rajasthan Royals Chennai
01-Apr 8 PM Mon Kings XI Punjab Delhi Capitals Mohali
02-Apr 8 PM Tue Rajasthan Royals Royal Challengers Bangalore Jaipur
03-Apr 8 PM Wed Mumbai Indians Chennai Super Kings Mumbai
04-Apr 8 PM Thu Delhi Capitals Sun Risers Hyderabad Delhi
05-Apr 8 PM Fri Royal Challengers Bangalore Kolkata Knight Riders Bengaluru
06-Apr 4 PM Sat Chennai Super Kings Kings XI Punjab Chennai
06-Apr 8 PM Sat Sun Risers Hyderabad Mumbai Indians Hyderabad
07-Apr 4 PM Sun Royal Challengers Bangalore Delhi Capitals Bengaluru
07-Apr 8 PM Sun Rajasthan Royals Kolkata Knight Riders Jaipur
08-Apr 8 PM Mon Kings XI Punjab Sun Risers Hyderabad Mohali
09-Apr 8 PM Tue Chennai Super Kings Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai
10-Apr 8 PM Wed Mumbai Indians Kings XI Punjab Mumbai
11-Apr 8 PM Thu Rajasthan Royals Chennai Super Kings Jaipur
12-Apr 8 PM Fri Kolkata Knight Riders Delhi Capitals Kolkata
13-Apr 4 PM Sat Mumbai Indians Rajasthan Royals Mumbai
13-Apr 8 PM Sat Kings XI Punjab Royal Challengers Bangalore Mohali
14-Apr 4 PM Sun Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai Super Kings Kolkata
14-Apr 8 PM Sun Sun Risers Hyderabad Delhi Capitals Hyderabad
15-Apr 8 PM Mon Mumbai Indians Royal Challengers Bangalore Mumbai
16-Apr 8 PM Tue Kings XI Punjab Rajasthan Royals Mohali
17-Apr 8 PM Wed Sun Risers Hyderabad Chennai Super Kings Hyderabad
18-Apr 8 PM Thu Delhi Capitals Mumbai Indians Delhi
19-Apr 8 PM Fri Kolkata Knight Riders Royal Challengers Bangalore Kolkata
20-Apr 4 PM Sat Rajasthan Royals Mumbai Indians Jaipur
20-Apr 8 PM Sat Delhi Capitals Kings XI Punjab Delhi
21-Apr 4 PM Sun Sun Risers Hyderabad Kolkata Knight Riders Hyderabad
21-Apr 8 PM Sun Royal Challengers Bangalore Chennai Super Kings Bengaluru
22-Apr 8 PM Mon Rajasthan Royals Delhi Capitals Jaipur
23-Apr 8 PM Tue Chennai Super Kings Sun Risers Hyderabad Chennai
24-Apr 8 PM Wed Royal Challengers Bangalore Kings XI Punjab Bengaluru
25-Apr 8 PM Thu Kolkata Knight Riders Rajasthan Royals Kolkata
26-Apr 8 PM Fri Chennai Super Kings Mumbai Indians Chennai
27-Apr 8 PM Sat Rajasthan Royals Sun Risers Hyderabad Jaipur
28-Apr 4 PM Sun Delhi Capitals Royal Challengers Bangalore Delhi
28-Apr 8 PM Sun Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai Indians Kolkata
29-Apr 8 PM Mon Sun Risers Hyderabad Kings XI Punjab Hyderabad
30-Apr 8 PM Tue Royal Challengers Bangalore Rajasthan Royals Bengaluru
01-May 8 PM Wed Chennai Super Kings Delhi Capitals Chennai
02-May 8 PM Thu Mumbai Indians Sun Risers Hyderabad Mumbai
03-May 8 PM Fri KINGS XI PUNJAB Kolkata Knight Riders Mohali
04-May 4 PM Sat Delhi Capitals Rajasthan Royals Delhi
04-May 8 PM Sat Royal Challengers Bangalore Sun Risers Hyderabad Bengaluru
05-May 4 PM Sun KINGS XI PUNJAB Chennai Super Kings Mohali
05-May 8 PM Sun Mumbai Indians Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai

This is all about the IPL 2019 schedule.

We are yet to update our Point table Excel app & Calendar update app. Link for IPL 2019 Points Table.

IPL 11 2018

Download IPL Schedule PDF & Excel Fixture:

IPL 2018 Schedule PDF Free Download  Downloaded 2,270 Times

IPL11 2018 - Schedule Excel Free Download Downloaded 7,668 Times

IPL 9 2016

PDF,Excel for 2016 Summer – IPL Season 9 Fixture Download:

Click here to Download the Excel: IPL 2016 Fixtures & Points table Application Downloaded 1,436 Times

IPL Schedule For Smartphones & Outlook Calendar Downloaded 777 Times

IPL 8 2015

Excel Version of App with Auto Update Points Table

Click here to Download the Excel: IPL 2015 Fixtures & Points table Application Downloaded 2,507 Times


IPL is a T20 Cricket county tournament conducted amount 8 Indian Franchise Teams. It is usually played once a year during the summer time. It attracts more audience during this time in India due t summer vacation holidays for most schools. Though we hear lot of stuff like – “These days IPL is not much interesting as earlier days”, most are still tied to SONY channel.

  • Most interestingly the famous Vodafone ZooZoo ads are back with interesting concepts.
  • The participation of #IPL2016 tags in every Social network is comparatively high this year than in the past.
  • Many are even considering getting additional TV sets, so that Family members don’t miss their familiar TV Serials. Else the situation would end in little fights to capture the TV remote.
  • It is again – almost a Summer Festival.

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Whether there are controversies or a clean game, fans are always curious about the Q”Who will Win today?”.

Coming back to the time we spend with computer in Office and at home, How do we keep track of the match results at our desktops with some fun filled application.

IPL Online Tickets Booking:

Last time, you could have booked IPL Tickets online in BookmyShow. Bookmy Show Sports Page. We are yet to collect information on this for this year. Choose “Cricket” in that page and it will show the Matches & Venues for which the Tickets are available.

Still, Online Tickets booking link for most of the matches are not yet available. But keep in touch with this official page for update action. This Official page also has IPL Schedule in PDF version available for download.

IPL Time Table – Change Log & Version History

  • Feb 16 2020 – Schedule, Fixture, Venue Time Table for IPL 2020 Schedule PDF & Excel are updated.
  • Jan 22 2018 – Schedule, Fixture, Venue Time Table for IPL 2018 Schedule PDF & Excel are updated.
  • April 17 2015 – Rectified Errors in IPL Schedule: File available for download to add fixtures to Android, iPhone, Google Calendar & Outlook.
  • April 14 2015 – All Updated to Refresh Points Table Automatically Everyday with a button click.
  • Feb 25 2015 – IPL 8 Schedule Download file in PDF & Excel added to this page.
  • May 20 2014- Update Version 2: With Just 9 Matches to go before Qualifier Round, Made some modification for users to predict which Teams will come top in the Points table.
  • April 23 2014- Update Version 1: Included option to get the match results into the sheet. Click the Button “Refresh Results” to refresh the Match results up-to-date.
  • April 17 2014- First Version: This application is yet to be modified to include options to sync your Outlook Calendar. Post us your comments if you want any customization to be done to this application. We will analyze the possibilities and include them in this app, based on the feasibility.

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