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1. Excel To VCF Converter App

$14.99 USD
Downloads: 84,878 Times

2. Send Mass Email – Unlimited

$14.99 USD
Downloads: 2,971 Times

3. VCF To Excel Converter App

$5.00 USD
Downloads: 32,021 Times

4. Excel VCF Any To Any

$14.99 USD
Downloads: 2,543 Times

5. Compare Two Excel Sheet

$5.00 USD
Downloads: 6,121 Times

6. Export Outlook Emails To Excel

$1.50 USD
Downloads: 8,868 Times

7. Excel Cell Formatting To HTML Code

$1.25 USD
Downloads: 1,209 Times

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  • We ensure that the apps are secure to use & we do not collected any data from your computer through these apps.
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1. Send Mass Email to multiple Recipients at just one Click

To send mass email to a huge list of audience from your PC use this easy tool. You just need to enter the list of email ids, receiver name, subject and mail message. Then this Excel app will send email blast to all email ids with personalized message in just one click.

Price: Less than $6 USD (5.25 US Dollars Only)

Free Trial: Send Mass Email From Excel Downloaded 2,971 Times

2. Convert Contacts in Excel to VCF Format

This is an Excel app that can convert the contact details in your Excel to VCF (vCard) format that is supported in your Android, iPhone, Windows phones and also email applications like Gmail, Outlook etc.,

Get this popular product that is downloaded & Used by 28000+ Users (free trial). Try the all New Easy-to-Use Excel to VCF Converter for Just 1 $ USD. Now Download the Latest Version! from our store and enjoy converting unlimited contact entries.

Price: Less than $5.00 USD (5.00 US Dollar Only)

Free Trial: Download Convert Excel to VCF Excel App Downloaded 84,878 Times

3.Convert VCF to Excel

Price: Less than $5.00 USD (5.00 US Dollars Only)

Free Trial: Download Convert VCF to Excel App Downloaded 32,021 Times