Excel IP Address Lookup – Bulk GeoIP Lookup

Free GeoIP Lookup Database – Find Website IP

Many websites and software provide free GeoIP lookup services.

If we input an IP address to these services, they provide us Excel IP address lookup facility with below listed information to help us understand the actual address of the User of that IP.

  • Country
  • Region or State
  • City
  • Address
  • ZIP
  • Latitude & Longtitude
  • ISP (Service Provider)

These information are allocated & maintained by Regional Internet Registry (Refer this Wiki Page for Detailed info) for different geographic locations.

The Geoip Lookup service providers collect this information or query the corresponding Registry and provide us the Location Data for an IP Address.

Lets see how we can query one such service and get ip address location in an Excel Sheet.

1. Excel IP Address Lookup using Geoip Service

We are going to use the API provided by web service http://freegeoip.net/ to create an Excel ip Address lookup application.

From this API we can get locations details of ip addresses either in JSON, CSV or XML formats. This API limits number of requests per hour to 10,000 queries.

The below sample code can fetch the JSON format to your Excel Sheet. Once the data is received, then it can be parsed to separate fields.

Try the Free Excel Download to Locate a list of IP address to its Geo location - Bulk Geoip Lookup

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Note: Before trying this code, add a reference to “Microsoft HTML object library” from Tools -> Reference in VB Editor. This enables us to fetch details returned from the website.

2. GeoIp Lookup From MAXMIND – GEOLITE Database

MAXMIND provides free downloadable Geoip lookup database in CSV/Binary formats, to use it in your applications.

Download files can be found in this path – http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/geolite/#Downloads

These files have mapping between IP Range and corresponding Country or Region name. They have a version of Creative Commons License and also provide a Commercial redistribution version. Read their documentations in detail before using their database in your applications.

Only 2 of the possible solutions to trace IP address to its Geo Location, is provided here. There are plenty of other possible methods available for everyone to try. If you find anything interesting, leave a comment for the benefit of the readers.

Try the Free Excel IP address Lookup - Find Website IP Address to Geographic location

Downloaded 2,854 Times

Remember that this Geoip lookup database from Maxmind keep changing frequently. They get updates from ip address allocations from ISPs & update their database accordingly for every geo location around the globe. So, read their Automation process to keep your applications upto date with Geoip lookup.

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    error runtime 5 while run…
    can i have the password for the project in option #1???

  • Hesham AlSaati

    Unfortunately, this gives you only the first address then runs into an error : “Run-time error ‘5’: invalid procedure call or argument”

  • Joe Wu

    When i add a reference to “Microsoft HTML object library” from Tools -> Reference in VB Editor. the Reference icon is gray since the VBAproject of findip is password protected.
    Can author give further explanation about this excel? Many thanks

    • https://officetricks.com/ kumarapush

      I am working on this. Will keep posted.

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    There is an error while running the macro.
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    Debbug brings me to:
    get_Fldval_After_Colon = VBA.Mid(jsont, posQ1 + 1, posQ2 – posQ1 – 1)

    Will this be fixed any time soon?
    Thank you.

  • Brent

    Any update with a fix on this yet?