Is PUBG getting banned in India?

Recently, many of the internet users came across a letter stating that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, popularly known as PUBG, is getting banned in India. This news spread very quickly in the social networks with many people sharing and retweeting it with their friends. But, a ‘legal notice’, or this is what it looks like, does not even look real. A little study of that letter shows that the ‘notice’ has numerous grammatical mistakes in it.
PUBG is a very popular mobile game in India and is played by millions of players. It has quickly garnered praises from the youngsters of the country. With 200 million downloads and 30 million active users, Tencent’s PUBG is one of the most popular games globally. Recently, the beta version of the game was launched, drawing more attention and replacing the Fortnite Battle Royale as the top game in terms of in-game purchases. So, the news of the game getting banned in India gave jitters to the fans as well as the developers.
The notice that was doing rounds in social networks mentions that the game is a nuisance and has been spoiling the lives of many students in India. The ‘notice’ is issued by Maharashtra’s High Court, which doesn’t exist at all. It is also signed by Mr K.Srinivasulu, prejudge in the court. Such a designation is non-existent in our judicial system. There are also many other mistakes that show that the letter indeed has no value.
We are not clear from where and how this rumour originated but within a few minutes, it got circulated on social media. Regardless of the source, we are pretty sure that this is a hoax. While, it is great that the game is here to stay, getting addicted to it is wrong. Many universities and colleges have already blocked this game so that their students can study better. We cannot stop anyone from playing this game but it is important to not go over the limit.
Regarding the players’ ban in PUBG, yes, it is true and it was initiated by the game developers. With the latest Vikendi update, the developers added an anti-cheat module, which detects and auto-ban players, who install mods to win the game. This is the reason around 30,000 accounts were banned recently.

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