Facebook Addiction Symptoms & How to get rid of it

As per Buddhist meditation – ‘Right Mindfulness is to remain focused on ourselves continuously without getting involved with them’.

No one has proved in recent modern days – what one could achieve with a complete continuous mindfulness.

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Mindfulness – Helps To be Control Addiction

Mindfulness is kind of too heavy subject for people with modern gadgets these days. One cannot even focus on his own task for long enough time.

Once in a while ‘a peek into FB updates’ has become habitual. One can even escape the voice of your mom/loved ones calling you for help from kitchen.

But no one could resist responding to the ‘Beep beep’ or ‘ding’ text alert sound in your WhatsApp or any messenger. Let’s fix some of the major addiction factors that would save us a lot of time to work and participate in real world.

Cuff the Root cause Social Network addiction

In this article we are mostly dealing with Smart phone addiction. Even many ignore to notice the pain in neck due to prolonged usage of Android/iPhones. Let’s get to know about few of the major root causes that we can fix.

  1. Distraction: from Alert notifications.
    • This simple step will save lot of your time.
    • Switch of the Alerts from Facebook and other Chat/Social networking Apps (WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc).
    • Android & IOS have the option of stopping Push notification for every Apps. Read this to know how to stop it.
  2. Habit: of frequently checking your mobile/FB for updates.
    • Do not keep Mobile or Wifi network switched on all the time.
    • Also do not switch it on frequently in a day. Do it only when you really have no work to do.
    • Do not carry a phone with Internet facility to party/dinner/functions.

These two major factors are frequent loss of focus towards work or study. Apart from these, few people also have distractions from their Laptops. Let’s make it third factor.

  1. Too many idle windows: These people have the habit of keeping too many website or desktop applications opened at the same time & frequently switching between them. Such partial focus will initiate too many multi threading and will overload you brain resulting in peeking stress levels.
    • Bookmark all possible idle windows & close them. Open only when you have some work to do in it.

Facebook Addiction Help – Fixing the Loopholes

Our Brain likes new unpredictable things. When you scroll down in your FB page, it does not show all news feeds in first page load itself. When you reach end of page, further updates will start to load. This makes our brain to think that some hidden truth is discovered by scrolling down further.

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Endless Tail:

So, we keep on digging the endless Timeline feeds. Try this. When any of your friend read all his FB timeline updates and gets back to his tasks, ask him what is the First timeline update that he read just few minutes before. There is very little chance that he would remember.

Schedule a Time for Social media:

If you are a frequent person who sits on Social media often, then such memory problems do occur. Don’t check for updates often. Make a habit of checking it only twice or thrice a day.

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