Amazing Settings available in Facebook

Many users just spend so much time only in sharing or reading news feeds. but, only few care to dig the hidden secrets from the Facebook settings page. Once in a while, click on the right hand top corner drop down button available in your FB login & click on the option ‘Settings’.

It is like ‘book of Treasures’ that has numerous controls available to make your Facebook experiences – as a safe journey. Lets find out few of the exciting features provided by Facebook.

1. Same Day Last Year – You & Facebook

As the saying ‘Old is Gold’, past pleasant events that happened in our life reside as evergreen memories in our minds. Have you ever wondered what you were doing in Facebook same day last year.

Might be sharing some updates about any famous topic like ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, FB-Whatsapp, interesting news/updates r messaging your close friends. Find it out in this page.

Just click on this below link, login with your FB ID if you are not already logged in. Link for ‘On this Day’ option. Hope you had a wonderful time same day last year too.

2. Are you in a Disaster region?

Then you should know about ‘Security Check’ option. This is not a setting provided under your login. But it is an option that will get activated when Facebook detects any disaster like Tsunami, Earthquake, Flood, Hurricane etc., at your present location.

At such time of disaster, FB will ask you a pop up message asking a confirmation whether you are fine. By clicking ‘I’m safe’, your friends & family will be notified in their FB news feeds that you are fine.

By using this page, you can also mark any of your friend’s safety status that will provide some relief for his/her Friends & relatives.

3. FB Platforms – Block App or Game Requests forever

In few website, you can register & login with your Facebook Id to access the features provided by website or apps. Supposedly, you have registered with your FB id in numerous apps and Web services, but don’t remember that list.

Then you can verify it under Settings -> Apps. This page will display list of Apps, Plugins, Games and Websites that you have authorized to make use of your Facebook Login. Review this page often and remove the Items that you don’t use.

In case if you want to Switch off all services from using your Facebook login, then there is option on the same page with the name ‘Apps, Websites ad Plugins’. Edit this setting to enable or disable this setting.

This option is helpful when you don’t want annoying App or Games requests appearing as notifications. In case if you want to block a particular Game or App then follow this link.

4. Generate App Passwords

How good it would be to have different passwords to login to an App than using your original FB password? Then the chances of your password getting compromised will be prevented forever. Isn’t it? There is one such method available in here. Visit this page from your FB login.

Settings -> Security -> App Passwords

Click on the above option & choose the apps for which you need a special password. Once you provide the app name, FB will generate a password for you and it can be used while logging into the App.

5. Locked Facebook ID – Call for Help

This page also provides wonderful options to control your Facebook visibility to the outside world. This page also provides a feature to Add trusted Friends IDs whom you can seek help for password recovery in case your Facebook ID is hacked or the password is lost or compromised.

Also this page displays list of Devices where you have logged in or your FB session is active. Review this list and choose ‘End Activity’ if any of the session seems like unauthorized or invalid.

This page has presented few of the exiting options that we generally don’t come across. If you have come across any such fascinating option that is not mentioned here, please leave it in the comments section below.

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