Auto Send Instant Office Communicator Message from Excel

This article explains how to send instant messages to your friends through Excel.

The code in this page can be customized to send messages to multiple recipients with just one click. But before that you should be using a computer with Microsoft Windows installed with Office Communicator Messenger.

Excel – Auto Send Office Communicator API Message

To use this code in your machine, you should be having Office Communicator installed & a valid user ID to use the messenger.

  • Create a new Excel workbook.
  • Press Alt + F11 to view the VB Editor.
  • Copy paste the below code.
  • Replace the Email Id or Signing Id of your friend in the code.

The code can be executed by pressing F5, which will send a instant message to your friend. Before that, read the note below.

Note: From Menu Tools -> Reference & Add “Microsoft Office Communicator API Library“, before executing the below code.

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Private Sub IM_Friend_Send_Office_Communicator_Message()
    'Microsoft Office Communicator API Library - Include this library before proceeding
    Dim CC_Signin As String, IM_Text As String
    Dim objCC As New CommunicatorAPI.Messenger
    Dim objCCWnd As CommunicatorAPI.IMessengerConversationWndAdvanced
    'Provide Signin ID of Friend Whom your want to IM. In most cases it will be a Email ID
    CC_Signin = "Friends Signin ID or Email ID"
    IM_Text = "[Message from Communicator API - Automatic from VBA Code]"
    'Create a Commincator Message
    Set objCCWnd = Messenger.InstantMessage(CommunicatorAPI.GetContact(CC_Signin, CommunicatorAPI.MyServiceId).SigninName)
    objCCWnd.SendText IM_Text
End Sub

Leave a comment below if there is any issue with the above code.

The above code can be mapped to a Command button and made to send message with a single button click. When there is a need to send messages to lot of friends, this code can be used as a bulk message forwarding application.

But take care of any loops that you use, because it might end up in sending too many messages to your friends in case if you loop becomes endless.

Microsoft Office Communicator – Instant Messenger API

Many Corporate Companies with Windows as their primary operating system use Microsoft Office communicator as their official messenger.

Everyone in the Organization will be connected to this Instant Messenger application. Sending an online or offline message is made easy by this application. Without a Messenger like this Employees have to choose the traditional formal way of communication through Emails.

But this messenger conversation makes it easy to contact anyone and have formal/friendly conversations.

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