Delete a Drop down data valition list in Excel

A drop down list in Excel also has another term “Data valiation list”.

These drop down lists usually has a list of predefined values that can be chosen without typing.

In casem you would like to remove this from a cell, you can try one of these 2 methods:

1. Copy paste to remove drop down list

This is a tricky & easy method.

  1. Select a empty cell.
  2. Copy the cell (Ctrl + C).
  3. select drop down list cell.
  4. Paste (Ctrl + V).

Now you can that the drop down list is vanished. Remember when you are pasting, dont try to choose anything specific like values only or format only.

Just paste it & let Excel decide the default option. Then only the dropdown list will be removed.

2. Direct Method to delete a Drop down list

In this method, you have to do the reverse of adding drop down data valiation list. Lets see how to do this.

  1. Select drop down list cell
  2. Click on Menu -> Data -> Data validation
  3. Choose “Any value” instead of “List”
  4. Click ok.

This will make the cell to accept any value. That way, the drop list is removed from the cell.

If you would like to remove the drop down from a range of cells, choose the complete range and follow the above steps.

3. How to remove a drop down list using VBA in Excel?

Whether it is range of cell or a single cell, you can always use Range.validation.delete within the code.

To know how to properly use this inside a VBA code, open this page & get the code.

More references

  • Learn more on how to remove a drop downlist from this Microsoft page.