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Use these tips to download video by direct method or by using their URL.

Ever wondered how to save a Facebook video, Youtube video. First of all, why download video to local device storage, when it is available online all the time. Because YouTube & Facebook might offer free videos, but the Internet is not yet free. Every bits and bytes that we download are charged.

Here are some of the best solutions to download videos to your device and replay anytime you wanted. When we try to watch same YouTube video or other video sites, it consumes more Internet bandwidth and it is not a cost effective method.

This article is useful when we have to play same video multiple times and also save Internet bandwidth. For example; Tutorials, Movies, Music, Funny clips etc.,

Download any Video – Too Many Options Might Confuse You

In Facebook Timeline feed, since there are a lot of data flowing in every minute, it is tough to search for a Video that you watch long ago. Sometimes it is impossible to trace it. In such cases, it would be nice if there is Facebook video downloader for your mobile or computer.

That way you can watch it anytime and share with your friends through WhatsApp, FB, Google+ or any Social Media. Let’s see some of Best options to export Videos from various web services.

There are four possible ways to download the videos:

  • How to Save a Facebook Video for Android? – Chrome Browse Direct Method
  • Online Video Download – Free Web Services.
  • Video Downloader Plugin – Browser Add-ons.
  • Android Apps – For Your Smart Phones.
  • YouTube Offline and Direct Download.

1. How to Save a Video in Mobile? – Facebook Video Download

To do a Facebook video download online from news feed or timeline, follow these steps.

  1. Signin to Facebook Account in Chrome browser.
  2. Browse your Timeline feed and find a video.
  3. Click on ‘Play’ button of the Video.
  4. ‘Long Press’ on the video.
  5. Select “Save Video” option from pop up.

Now, you can see that the browser has started downloading the Facebook video to your default location in your mobile. Once completed, you can view it anytime.

In case if you want to download video to your PC, then follow any of the following steps.

2. Youtube Facebook Video Downloader Online

When you play any video in YouTube, Facebook or any Website, you can get the URL of that Video from Browser Address Bar or by right clicking on the Video. Copy that URL and Paste it in the required text box in the below listed websites. These websites will generate a link that will enable Youtube Facebook video download.

Here is the list of the website & their special features.

  1. – Download video using url from YouTube, Facebook, Daily motion, Vimeo etc.,the most popular websites with lots of videos. Currently this service supports 50 websites to download videos.
  2. ClipConverter.CC – Provides option to choose the downloaded video format, like MP4,AVI,Mp3,3GP,AAC,WMA,OGG,MPG,WMV,FLV Etc.
  3. SaveVid.Com – Provides link to download video from the URL
  4. – Converts Video into MP3 format & Download
  5. – Converts Video into MP3 format & Download

2. Youtube Video Downloader Plugin – Browser Add-ons

We suggest 2 products under this section that provide Add-ons or Plugins for various Browsers.

1. Clip Converter is one that provides a browser add-on to download YouTube video directly. This extension works with Google Chrome,Firebox,Safari. Checkout more details in this Link.

2. ‘Quick Time Player’ – One of the popular media players – that allow you to download by hovering over the Video if the plugin is installed in Your internet browser. Get the plugin from this Link.

3. How To Download YouTube Videos To Mobile?

Android App: With Respect to Smart phone world, we suggest only one app. i.e., Tube Mate.

The most popular, best Rated Free Youtube Video Download software for saving videos from YouTube to your Mobile. In play store there are many malware apps that resemble Tube Mate. To avoid them, go directly to and download app for your smart phone.

There might be other useful apps available for Android or Iphone. But we have not tried them yet. If you have any nice experience with any of the available apps, leave a note at the comment section.

4. YouTube Offline & Direct Download

Offline: With the new YouTube Offline option, you can save Videos to Your smart Phone (Android/iPhone) and watch them anytime. Once you opt any video for viewing later, it gets downloaded & added to the Offline section. The problem with this option is that it cannot be transferred to another mobile as a media file.

Direct Download Your Videos: To download videos of your YouTube profile and channels click on your email address at the top of upper right, select “Video Manager” from the menu, go to the video list and click on edit dropdown, choose “download mp4.”

If you want to download all videos from your YouTube profile, go to Here you can download all Google products data, as you required. Select YouTube for archive like the below image and choose download option. If the data contain more than 2GB, Zip files will split into multiples.

These are the different possible free methods that enable Youtube Facebook video download online.

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  1. This is perfect for what I was looking for. Thanks for the sharing. I quit using keepvid the day they insisted on having java installed. For a long time I have refused to install java and I try to avoid anything and everything that requires it. I’d also recommend Acethinker Video Downloader which I have used for many years. It is a free cloud based software to download videos without install any software in your device.

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