Update Timeline without Logging into FB

You are reading through your Gmail or Office Mails on a busy day and came across some interesting news. Suddenly, you felt ‘How good it would be if there is an option to post updates to FB Timeline from mail itself?’

Yes. FB provides an easy option for this.

It is comparatively easy to type or forward a mail message from your computer than posting to timeline from within FB or from Mobile.

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What is my “Post-by-email Address”?

To use this facility first you have to register your mobile number with FB. Once you register your mobile number, FB will provide you an Email ID from the option explained below.

  • Login to your FB Account.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ Page. Then choose option ‘Mobile’
  • If you have not linked your mobile number, use option ‘Add a Phone’ and link your mobile.
  • If you have already registered your mobile, then this page will display option ‘Post-By-Email Address’.
  • Copy the Email Address in this option.

This is the mail address which you can use to post updates to your FB timeline from any mail account.

Watch out: Keep this Email ID safe and secure. If this email address is exposed to unauthorized person, then your timeline will be filled with unwanted SPAM messages.

Note: You have to link your Mobile number to your FB id to use this facility.

Try a Test Posting to Timeline

Just compose a new mail to this ‘Post-by-Email Address’ with a message as “Test Post by Email Address” in subject.

Once you send this mail, the message in subject will be appear in Timeline. Remember only Subject message will appear and any message in Mail body will be ignored. You can also attach Photos or videos to the mail and make it appear in your FB.

Note: The privacy setting you have opted for your photos will be applied to these posts (Public/Friends/Friends-of-Friends). Check the reference link at end of this page for more info.

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Safeguarding this Post by Email Option

If you detect any unusual messages appearing in your timeline, or you suspect that the above email id is stolen or exposed to unauthorized users, then follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings -> Mobile -> Post-By-Email Address option.
  2. Click on Edit near this option. It will expand and show you additional messages.
  3. Click on “Reset post-by-email Address”.

Once you click on this, the email address will reset and changed to a new ID. This way, you can de-activate your old Post-by-Email address.

The other way is to change the registered mobile number or deactivating it. You can find option for this on top of the same Mobile Settings page.

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2 thoughts on “Post to Facebook Timeline through Email”

  1. It appears that the Post-By-Email option no longer posts to one’s FB timeline, but instead sends the post to the primary email for your FB account … which means it no longer works. I was able to post photos from my iPhone to my timeline until recently, no problem, but no longer. It was convenient. Now, tThe emails simply go to my primary email account. That serves no use whatsoever.

    1. yes I have the same problem ~ no notification from FB & no response from any ticket I have filled out. Glad to finally at least know it is not only me other people now having this problem with NO NOTIFICATION from FB. Another random undocumented change by FB ~ I have checked other friends accounts & they still have theirs so is this Random or what Cannot get an answer from FaceBook.

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