2020/21 Calendar in Excel – Easy Printable – Month Wise Template

Printable Yearly Calendar 2020/21 Template Excel

To get yearly calendar template in Excel for any year, use our free download or follow these steps.

Most of us use a calendar printout copy of the Year, stick near our desk for quick reference. Though it is all available in our computer Calendar, we like to refer it in a printout copy.

Best Part is…There is a Excel calendar template ready to download & print, at the end of this page.

If you are looking for how to generate a calendar by yourself, then please read through the processes explained below.

How To Make a Yearly Calendar In Excel?

To create a Excel yearly calendar template all by yourself, follow these instructions.

1. Open a new Excel Workbook.
2. Click on ‘Home’ Button and choose ‘New’.
3. Choose Calendar or Type calendar in Template search box.
4. Select yearly calendar templates available in your system or Microsoft Office Online.
5. Choose any template that suits and it will be downloaded to your system.

The downloaded template may contain hidden macro or formula that run at the background. Check the security settings properly before clicking any button from these templates.

Before that, check what we have in our free App store below.

Download Excel 2020/21 Yearly Calendar Template

The yearly calendar template below has both Portrait and Landscape formats.

It is only a plain simple calendar format with no colors, but simple to refer, take printout and stick it to your desk as a reference.

Download 2020/21 Year Calendar - Printable Format downloaded 555 Times

In case if you need more coloring, it is in editable format only. You can add more colors and make it more beautiful before you take a print out.

You can change the year and click on the button “Generate Calendar”. Wait for few seconds while the macro generate the yearly calendar template. It wont run for too long.

Want to add more attractive features? Here are few ideas.

Print Out 2020/21 Calendar with Selfie or Photo As Background

To set a background image in Excel sheet, Click on Menu -> Page Layout.

In this Menu search for option ‘Background’, click it and choose an Image file from your computer. Once you choose the picture, it will be added as background of your current worksheet.

In the next article, I am going to publish a Excel that can generate Calendar for any Year. There will be a control to input the year before generating Monthly Calendar.

Update: This feature is added now. (Dec 26th 2016)