Election Results Official

To view the official results from Election Commission check in the page mentioned below.

Also, you can view candidate wise vote counts for your constituency. If you are frustrated with Media channels, then this is a good one. Whether the results are upto your satisfaction depends on which party you voted for. Click on this link to view the actual official page.

Find Candidate List for Constituency

Election Commission Website provides link that has candidate list in competing in your constituency along with their profile details. Here are the steps to get it.

  1. Click the below Candidate list link
  2. Choose ‘Assembly Election’
  3. Select State as ‘Tamil Nadu’ or ‘Kerala’
  4. Selection Election as ‘May 2016’
  5. This will display the list of constituencies in your state. (TN: 234, KL: 140)

Election Commission Website Link for Viewing Constituency Wise Candidates

Click on your constituency to view list of candidates competing in your area. Also you can click on Candidate name to view nomination form (view in PDF format) submitted by Candidate. Analyze the list and choose wisely. 

Find Your Voting Constituency & Polling Station

The steps below will enable you find your constituency mapped to your voter id.

  1. Click on the below National Voter’s Service Portal link.
  2. In that page, search & click the link for “Know You booth, AC and PC”
  3. In the resulting page, enter Name, Age, Father’s Name, Gender, State and District.

National Voter’s Service Portal

What to Analyze from these List? Don’t look how much wealth they have. Look out for his background details, is he a good, capable, trust-able leader. Chances are that you may not find a perfect person at all. But, at least you will know whom You are voting to.

Disclaimer: Links in this page are collected from official election commission website – http://eci.nic.in/eci/eci.html

Manifestos: It is available in each parties website. Not able to find any official link.

Usual Traits Followed During Election?

Most of the time during an election, People go with “Social Conformity” to choose their candidate. What is mean by that? Let me explain with an example.

1. Victim of Social Pressure – Opinion of the Crowd

Consider there are 10 people in a closed room and you are also one among them. If 9 persons around you clap their hands every one minute, chances are high that you will also start to clap without knowing the reason.

This is known as “Social Conformity” – a survival trait that is built in our genes. Why I am saying this concept here is, we became a trap of this habit during elections.

Without any analysis, we end up in voting to someone who is supported by most people around us. Try hard at your level best to stop this habit during an election.

2. Media & Lot More Like Them

Also save yourself from the below traps that trigger Social Conformity – Media (TV, News Channels, New Papers, Radio), Social Media (FB Posts and Ads, Website Advertisements, Twitter Ads, Whatsapp Forwards), People from Competing Parties. These agents create an illusion that their party is liked by most people.

3. Ready, Steady, Go – Promises, Free Offers, Blame Opponent Parties

How many times have seen every political party play blame games rather just telling what they have done or going to do? They do list them in their Election Manifestos. Read them once before choosing someone as your leader.

Even if it is a clear written promise, it more unlikely that one would file a case against the politician if he/she fails to fulfill the promise. Just throw away promises. By now, we all know it is all fake.

Seen Enough To Safeguard – Put it in Action

Unfollow People & Media – Then how will I know whom to vote?

Rather than going for a party that is favored by most people, do some home work on the below listed item. This will put you in a confident position to choose a better candidate. Most importantly, don’t show the list to your neighbor and ask him to choose the best from the list.

Lets Do some preliminary checks:

  1. Do you have Voter ID?
  2. Which constituency you belong to? And where you need to vote?
  3. Who are the candidates in your constituency?

Check the Election commission link for your voter name & all these details. Even if you have the Voter ID, check in this list once again that your name is listed. For in depth details check the official election commission website.

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