How to Reduce Anxiety Level?

It is all about ‘letting it go’ of the continuously rising thoughts about your past happening or a future event. Do not try to track or control every thought arising in mind. Just be aware of it, but do not get emotionally attached.

Lets give all the thought waves a break from our attention…

‘Controlling’ Vs ‘Letting it Go’ – Controlling means, cautiously trying to suppress the thought. ‘Letting it go’ is about watching the thoughts arise, rise to its peak, fade away in your mind, just like waves in ocean.

Mindfulness Guided Meditation Collection

Guided Meditation Reduce Stress Anxiety Breathing

Be it current affairs related to political happening, sports, business, office or personal issues. They are all just temporary. It will keep changing just like how the clouds keep transform in the sky.

Whatever the situation be, we need to focus on our mental health now. Because, lot of our internal hormones associated organ function depends on our mental health.

But how do we keep a check on it on our day to say life?

Check out these collection of videos to calm your Mind. Listing few of the steps here to slowly calm down the confused thoughts.

  • Listen to Videos in these categories.
    • Meditation
    • Mind Calming Speeches.
    • Self Hypnosis

Not only meditation, listening to your favorite songs will also reduce the stress level considerably.

Songs might work well. But also try these Meditation voices that will give a soothing feeling. Repair your brain cells with enough oxygen & regulate heart beat.

Meditation Video Collection To Help Reduce Stress

When we are in enormous tension, the stress hormones will initiate & we will not be able to think anything straight. Here is a collection of few guided meditation videos that will reduce the anxiety level.

  1. OSHO

You could slowly feel that you thoughts are in sync with you. They dont wander around your problems. You will start to realize that just thinking about your problems all the time is not going to solve them.

Beyond all this, the best part is…

You might even fall asleep while you hear this videos, which is in a way good, that you will have a sound sleep. Prepare for that also.

If you already know how to meditate – well & good – sit in a room alone, straight & comfortable. Atleast for 10 mins before sleep & in morning, do Yoga + Meditation for a week. Breath deep, slow, long breathing. This would rejuvenate all the tired cells in your brain & body.

Guided Meditation & Stress

Switch off News Channels & FB or Twitter for few hours or days. Videos, Posts, Live Speeches, Comments, Likes, Shares. It goes on & on, even though we got the JalliKattu permission amended as Law in TN.

We have got what we want. Lets get along with the world.

It’s been continuous stress full events over the last few days. Whether you participated in the Protest or not – You kept on scroll down the Facebook endlessly.  Or trying to compose your words in the hope that it will contribute significant boost for a good cause.

Not able to Sleep even the Eyes & Body are completely tired. It is not a good sign if your body is completely tired, but still you are not able to sleep. Thoughts about the last few events keep on circling randomly in your mind.

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