Tricks To Skyrocket Your Website Traffic With Reddit

While you are running an online business, the most essential and stressful task you have to undertake is driving traffic to your website.

It can be an extremely expensive affair at times! You have to invest not only money but time and effort as well. It’s really painful because nowadays, it is difficult in getting your target market to land on your site.

Why is it so? Because competition is excessive in the market.

But… wait, it isn’t that bad, though.

Beating Competition

This excessive competition also enable us to have some social bookmarking platforms that can allow us to market our websites and boost our website traffic overnight.

Reddit is one of these social bookmarking platforms that enables you to boost your website traffic

Now, your site’s traffic can be boosted like never before. Indeed, Reddit is one of the best social bookmarking sites you can promote your website or your blog.

I am going to give an explanation of what this social bookmarking site called Reddit is all about.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social bookmarking platform where that allow users to post all sorts of currents news, blog posts and trends as well.

IT, health, fashion, lifestyle, politics, gaming as well as business are the major topics which users talk about on Reddit.

When you register on Reddit, you will become a Redditor (the user) before you can share your links, you have to join the groups (known as subreddits), and these groups have different topics you can choose from. You can choose any topic of your interest. Then you can share valuable links when you are part of the community.

You can as well market your product via sharing links to your blog posts and creating your ads.

But the rule is that you have to share valuable and informative links and not links that not authentic. And note that redditors do not like too much SELF-PROMOTION.

So you have to promote mildly and don’t be too pushy.


Let’s talk about the major topic of how you can promote your site and bring more and more traffic to your website eventually via Reddit.

Here are the ways you can drive more traffic to your site via Reddit

1.Share your content regularly

In this case you have to regularly share your contents and being active in discussion, make sensible comments, avoid being saucy in your comments. This will enable you to build a good reputation amongst your colleagues.

And note that sharing your content regularly does not mean you should be posting irrelevant comments or spam or upvoting a link randomly.

Your comment and links are upvoted by redditors if they are informative. So that why is your comments and links are not taken lightly.

So when you post regularly and build good relationships, it can turn your name into a brand.

2. Your website should not be over promoted

When you are posting for the first or second time on Reddit, never you promote your website. If you are a blog owner or a website owner, then ensure that you follow these steps by Reddit.

You may be asking why I am emphasizing on this?

Because Self-promotion is NOT appreciated on Reddit!

It is a big No-No if you start marketing your website to drive traffic immediately after you have registered because redditors will definitely label you as a self-promoter. In this case, every link you share on Reddit will be downvoted.

Also, note that Reddit moderators and users have spam filters and they keep an eye on your sharing activities. If you continuously publish one link, they will put your links in the spam category.

Therefore, over promotion must be avoided or else people will lose interest in your subreddit. And trust me, you will not afford to lose such a huge traffic to your blog or website.

3.Join A Relevant Subreddit

Redditors hate irrelevance therefore your links have to be very authentic and real.

You are totally wrong if you think you can post a lot of links in other to drive traffic to your website. So you have to make sure that the subreddit which you want to post does match with your content and the subreddit topic.

When you are original and don’t spam at all, Redditors love it. A wider reach will be built eventually. And this will bring in more traffic to your website.

4.Share Quality Content Only

Your content must be of high-quality and once you post irrelevant content, you will simply lose a lot of followers and you can’t afford to do that.

When you post high-quality content, you will get more upvotes and karma points.

Furthermore, quality content will skyrocket your website traffic.

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  1. Interesting writing. I didn’t use Reddit seriously till now. But lots of friends told me that it’s very beneficial to get traffic.

    Thank you very much for the post.

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