Save WhatsApp Profile Picture

With the recent update from Whatsapp, save profile picture or share profile picture option is removed.

This is really a good move. It add more privacy to the photos of its users from being stored without their knowledge. But still, we should understand that anyone could try these steps and stole it from us.

It is always better to have the security option tight to show it only to Your friends in Contact. Set it right now as in these steps:

  • Whatsapp -> Settings -> Account -> Privacy (set profile photo, status seen by options)
  • And also don’t hesitate to remove unknown strangers from Your phone contacts.

There are only 2 direct methods available right now:

Mobile Take Screen Shot Option

Whichever is displayed in your screen can be stored as screenshot. Many Apps are recently upgrading their apps to stop using screen shot be taken.

For Example: Hotstart app will not allow you to take any screenshots. But, Whatsapp does allow this option. Hence your profile picture can be stored as a image taken as screenshot.

Using PC – Web Whatsapp Version

If you open, login and view your friend’s profile picture updates, Whatsapp still allows that.

Anybody who is allowed to do these steps.

  1. View your Whatsapp profile picture
  2. Can click on it to view it enlarged,
  3. Then right click & open image in new window &
  4. Store the image.

As far as I researched these 2 options are still open & yet to be fixed. Hope, you keep your privacy in control.

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