Whatsapp For PC – Web App

Whatsapp announced an update on Jan 21 2015 – that it has enabled Whatsapp for Web.

Already there are tons of Articles floating in every website about this Flash News, well before I started typing this Page. Users with Google Chrome browsers can log in to Whatsapp for PC from their Desktops or Laptops. To enable this, Follow the instructions as given below.

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Note: Install new version of Whatsapp from Google PlayStore or from Whatsapp official webpage, before proceeding with the article.

How to enable Whatsapp Web?

Once you have updated the latest version Whatsapp, Open the application and long press the left key to see the popup menu in your mobile. There will be a new option appearing with the name ‘WhatsApp Web’.

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1. Click that option in your mobile.

2. Open Google Chrome in your Personal Computer. (you need to Enable Internet connection.)

3. Open this website URL – https://web.whatsapp.com/

4. It will display a QR Code in the Chrome browse.

5. Scan that QR code from your Mobile (with option inside WhatsApp app itself.

6. Once the scanning is completed, You can notice that Google Chrome, will automatically Login into Whatsapp.

Source: http://blog.whatsapp.com/

Limitation in Web WhatsApp for PC

  • This upgrade will work only in Google Chrome Web browser.
  • IOS and Apple users cannot use this facility yet.

Enjoy with this new option from Whatsapp and connecting with your Mobile friends right from your computer. Please note that all your old chat messages history can be accessed in the Web version itself.

Though Whatsapp has made this update newly, a similar method of web facility is already available in other Messenger (Wechat) in which QR code is used to connect with Messenger in Web. It is quite interesting to see how these messenger programmers are thinking so innovative !!!

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