Does your Whatsapp Crash Often?

For last few days, WhatsApp messenger was crashing so frequently in my Android phone.

It happens ,whenever I type a message & click on the send button.

Every time I get a pop up error message as “WhatsApp has stopped Unexpecedly. Please Try again” & app gets closed by itself.

Like most people, I too cleared few chat messages , videos, images from message history, uninstall & re-installed the app.

Nothing seems to work out for me.

I felt like am standing in same place where I started.

How to Actually Fix the WhatsApp Crash Issue?

WhatsApp has stopped unexpectedly.

But if this error happens once, you could surely expect it to pop up again. These are the other steps that You can follow to recover it.

Not a complex rocket science. We all know about these basic steps, but just that most of us tend to ignore.

  1. Go to Android settings -> More -> Applications.
  2. Uninstall unused or less Important apps.
  3. Repeat these steps until there is enough free space available RAM .

If it does not have enough memory left out in RAM, WhatsApp cannot operate without any interruption.

Not only this app, it is a problem for any computer or mobile application to execute without enough space left in RAM.

Steps to Fix Android App Crash

Do the following steps before trying any action to recover a app from crash. Most apps could be restored to normal operation.

  • Clear Cache of Apps that are less significant
  • Clear or backup chat history to external or cloud backup storage
  • Delete or backup large size media files to external or online storage
  • Uninstall unused apps
  • Apps sync (emails, contacts, chats) is good, but ensure they donot full your device memory
  • Uninstall & reinstall corrupted app.

Other Possible Reasons for WhatsApp Crash & Fix

Android: WhatsApp official page about issue with Android ART

Iphone: WhatsApp Crash due to Facebook App Sync

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  1. Nowadays whatsApp is a handy tool for any communication whether it is personal or professional. if that suddenly crash will go sleepless moment. this article will help for people who doesn’t know how to to fix WhatsApp crash.

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