Android Whatsapp Emulator – Windows PC

To install WhatsApp messenger in your PC,

  1. Download WhatsApp for Windows or Mac from this link.
  2. Install & Open the app.
  3. Scan the QR code using mobile.
  4. App will auto-login to your Account.

If you don’t want a direct download, then you can go for other options like Android Emulator.

WhatsApp in Windows Android Emulator – App Development

Android emulators simulate Android OS like environment in your PC. This enables installing any Android App in your PC.

Thanks to products like Windows Android Emulator for PC that makes this possible.

Some of the famous Windows Android emulators are listed below for your reference.

  1. BlueStacks
  2. Genymotion
  3. Memu Play
  4. You Wave
  5. Virtual Box
  6. Jar of Beans
  7. Native Android Emulator

Among all these applications, BlueStacks is the popular emulator.

Once you install any of these Android Whatsapp Emulator, you can install WhatsApp, other Android Apps & Games supported by the emulator.

By this way, programmers in field of Android app development can test their apps or Apk in this virtual environment.

But, in case, if you are interesting in Whatsapp messenger only in PC & not other Android applications, then check this article.

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Android Apps & WhatsApp Emulator on PC

Download and install BlueStacks or Youwave Android emulator in Windows System. You can also choose other Whatsapp emulators, but Google (search) for reviews of those products before using them.

Install Android Apps with BlueStacks (Whatsapp Emulator):

Once you install this Windows Android Emulator for PC, it will download Game & Apps data from Android Market. This process will take hours depending on your internet speed.

Once this is done, follow through the below steps to install WhatsApp on PC.

  • Choose “Apps” -> “Social” -> WhatsApp or
  • Look for Search option and type in ‘WhatsApp’.
  • It will display list of sources where you can download the app. Choose Google Play (Android Market)
  • Install and Login with your Mobile number.

Note: To download any android apps from Google Play Store, you have to register the installed Android Emulator with a Google Account. So that Google will register your device and can allow access to Play store and other Google services.

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Install Apps from Android Market with You Wave:

This is not a Free Product, but still you can use it till its Free Trial Period and buy it if you like it. After installing this Android emulator, follow the below steps:

  • Download WhatsApp apk from internet or copy from your mobile.
  • Move this apk file to You Wave directory as mentioned in Help-> Instructions menu.
  • Now, choose option View -> Redraw Icons.
  • This will install or refresh the newly copied apk files and user can see the options to launch them.

Register Your Mobile Number in WhatsApp – New Installation

Once the installation of Android WhatsApp Emulator is completed, launch the app.

It will ask your mobile number. Enter it & wait for confirmation code to be sent to your mobile. It will show a failed to verify using sms and display “Verification through Call”. Choose this option and enter the Verification Code you get from Automatic Call Response.

Now, you can start using the Whatsapp Emulator on PC.

Note: It enables only usage of the App and it does not copy the chat history or contacts from your Mobile. Except for the Groups Contacts, other individual contacts has to be copied manually.

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Similar to this, any supported apk from Android app development or from Google Play store can be installed in your Windows System and tested or used. Not only apps, you can also install some of the best Android Games in Windows Android Emulator for PC