How to Get Whatsapp for Business App?

For now it is available for few countries  – USA, UK, Indonesia, Italy & Mexico.

Is it available in your country?

Click here & you will know instantly. There are already 100K downloads in just 2 days.

They really are the masters of marketing.

Whats new in Whatsapp Business?

“None” is the reply from many users. I too was eagerly searching all over web for ‘Whats new” now.

But, unfortunately, except for a separate App & icon, it is all the same features.

Login method, messaging, voice calling, video calling – all the same. May be they are yet to release the exclusive features in coming days.

Whatsapp blog: mentioned that it is only for small business owners. And a way to have differentiate the personal messages and business conversations.

In many countries like India, Whatsapp is defacto messaging app – be it personal or business. Now, they have enabled a way to have drawn a line to separate business & personal communication messages.

Are they Waiting for Right Time?

Lets wait till – how they respond to user comments & how are they going to retain this new app.

My suggestion: It might be a good way to have video conference – i.e communicating with more than 1 business contact through video or voice call at same time.

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