How to send Whatsapp Message without saving Number?

Use the option mentioned in this page to send Whatsapp message without saving number your mobile contacts.

Official term used by WhatsApp for this option is “Click to Chat”.

What we are going to use a web url that takes phone number & a url encoded text. Then send a message even though the contact is not stored in phone.

This option is useful when you are contacting a person, just for few time on any business or to get some info. In that case, you dont have to save that person’s contact in phone and then contact them.

In such cases, this option can be used.

Url Syntax for Sending WhatsApp without storing Contact

Here is the url format syntax with a example.

Important Note:

  1. Include the country code + phone number
  2. Do not include any zeroes at the prefix
  3. Do not include any hyphen, brackets oe any spcial character between numbers.
  4. Make sure to login in any webbrowser before using the option.


Once the url is entered WhatsApp will ask confirmation whether to proceed with webbrowser or open the messenger app. Please click continue and it will open the windows to send message.

Official Reference page: Read more about this option in the Whatsapp official help page.