How to Run Android Apps on PC?

Android operating system that changed everything. Crucial for the existence of smartphones, this operating system is the unanimous leader when it comes to market share.

The kind of customization android allows is simply commendable. As an open source platform, it is easily convertible to operate on other platforms. This means, that you can run Android OS on a windows PC as well. All the credit to its system images and access codes, which are open for use by anyone.

Android Virtual Environment Setup

For running Android virtually on windows, there are a few methods at your disposal. We will try and list a few so that you can have all the fun you want.

1.Android SDK Bundle

Starting from windows XP, any version of windows can handle this method. In addition, you will also need Java 6 or later installed on your computer before proceeding with below steps.

  1. Download the latest version of Android SDK bundle,
  2. Extract its files into a directory.
  3. In this directory, open the folder “adt-bundle-windows”, open the SDK.Manager. exe file & check for the latest version of the android and voila. Make sure you carefully select the additional packages coming up with the latest android version. For most part, you’ll need SDK Platform, ARM EABI v7a system image and Google API’s.

Further, click on ‘Install Packages’ (choose packages accordingly) and download. This completes the installation of Android SDK bundle that you can use it for Testing Android Apps or executing available apps.


Remix OS basically works its magic by acting as a bridge between Ubuntu and Windows. The OS is simply stellar and allows you to use Android on Windows without any hitch. Here are the steps on how to install.

Create Bootable USB

  1. Download REMIX OS from the Official page. Along with this, download a Remix USB installer as well. This installer will help installing the OS onto the USB drive.
  2. Download utorrent or any other torrent client before you download the aforementioned.
  3. Use a new USB or format an old one to FAT32 file format. This is really important. So, don’t miss.
  4. Start remix USB installer. It will ask for choosing an ISO file plus name of the drive where you want to install. Choose USB stick as the installation destination.

After this command, the tool will begin to extract files & copy the same onto the USB. It’ll automatically install the boot loader file as well. Your USB is ready to boot a PC with Android OS.

Install Remix OS in PC

  1. Reboot your PC & access the Boot Menu (F12 or other functions keys as per your installer). Once you are within the Boot menu, choose USB as the default boot device.
  2. The tricky part is almost over. If instructions have been followed aptly, you will see a blue screen which will provide you with two options: – Guest Mode And Resident Mode.
  3. Choosing Guest mode means data won’t be saved during or after the session. Whilst Resident mode is the opposite.
  4. Then choose a language & proceed with further self explanatory steps.

Once the installation is done, enjoy Android on a your PC. If you like the experience with this OS, don’t forget to thank Jide (REMIX OS developer) for letting you download, install and even update REMIX OS for FREE.

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