Stop Receiving Unwanted Text Messages

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of everyone’s life.

Knowing this, companies around the world have identified SMS as a great way to market their products and services.

Earlier, there were only spam emails, but now spam SMS is also something every one of us has to deal with in our daily life.

While most of the email service providers separate the spam mails and put them in the spam folder, in the case of SMS there is no such option generally available. But, for Android users there are lots of SMS apps which let the users fully block spam messages, or even put them into a separate folder.

iPhone Setting to Block SMS

If you are an iPhone user, and have been getting a lot of spam messages daily, don’t worry. There is a way out for you from this mess.

If you want to block all those spam texts from the numbers which promote real estate properties available to buy, or the messages which come from bulk sender IDs such as DM-UBERIN, or BW-DOMINO whose services you might have used a long time before, then follow steps below that will help block all such messages once and for all.

How to Block Spam SMS On iPhone?

  • Open the messaging app & open the spam text message from the sender whom you want to block.
  • On the top right corner, tap the ‘details tab’.
  • If you only want to stop getting notifications from this sender, and do not want to entirely block the person or service provider, then tap on the button next to do not disturb.
    • By doing this, you will continue to receive messages from this sender, but will not get any notifications, as the notifications for messages from this sender will get muted.
  • If you don’t want to receive any more messages from this sender, and want to completely block all messages from this sender, then you have the option for that too. Go on and tap on the “i” button.
  • When you scroll down, you will see block this caller option. Select that and then you will no longer receive any message from this sender.

Following these steps will block only one sender. You might be receiving spam messages from many different numbers. Some spammers might be even sending messages from many different numbers.

To block each of them, you will have to follow each of these steps for every single sender separately. After a number is blocked, you will no longer receive any message from that number.

Unblock a Number Already Blocked

If you want to unblock a number you have already blocked, you have the option for that too. Go to the settings and then tap on phone option and then select the blocked option.

It will show the list of numbers which you have blocked. It will usually be +91 followed by an eight digit number for Indian users. Just slide the number you want to unblock towards the left.

Doing this will reveal the unblock button. Tap on unblock and there you go!

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