What to ask Siri in your iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user, Siri is the one function that you should be able to make the most use of.

Siri is a wonderful virtual assistant provided by Apple which fulfils all our menial tasks and also answers all our questions. Let us see some of the tips and tricks that will be helpful for you to make the most out of Siri in your iPhone.

1. Ask Siri to Generate Random Password

To do this, invoke Siri and say “Wolfram Password” or “Wolfram Alpha Password”. This will create a random password of length 8 characters. If you want a more lengthy one, then try “Wolfram 14 character password”.

What Siri does here is, it access the Wolfram Alpha service and gets the output from there. Similar to this, it can get you few list of services directly with a voice command.

2. Do Conversions on-the-go

Siri can convert ounces into litres, pounds in to kilograms, Celsius into Fahrenheit and so on. You no more need to remember any conversion factors, or have a separate app in your phone to do that.

Siri can do it all for you on the go. Not only that, Siri can also do currency conversions too. This feature would be much handy when you travel abroad and do your shopping.

3. Find a Spelling quickly

As of iOS 9, Siri can spell any word you ask for it. If you can pronounce a word properly, then Siri can give you the correct spelling of the word. Autocorrect and spell-check are so good with Siri, that it makes your life so easy. Be it ‘cat’ or ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, Siri is out there for your help.

4. Remember this later

Starting from iOS 9, Siri can now understand the context of what you are seeing on your iPhone screen. So if you want to put something in your reminder list, for example a website which you are browsing, then you just need to bring up Siri and then tell her to remind you about ‘this’.

Siri will add that item to your reminders list, with a link to the page or item that you had given the instruction for.

5. Learn to Pronounce Names

People often find it difficult with Siri to make it understand how you pronounce your name, or the name of any of your friends or family members. There is an easy way for you to learn how Siri pronounces names.

Just tell Siri ‘learn to pronounce James George’s name’. Siri will then ask you to say both first name and the last name. When done, Siri will offer you different pronunciations to select from.

6. Find Photos

Siri knows more about your photos than before. Starting from iOS 9, Siri searches can now narrow things down to find the photo which you were looking for. Just tell Siri to show all the photos you took in a month, or at a place, or even better, the picture you took at a place on some month, then Siri will open the photos app, and show only those pictures that match your request. Siri can also identify videos, selfies and panoramas too.

7. Interact with settings

If you find it difficult to find something in the settings in your iPhone, Siri may be able to help you out to find them and even turn some of them on or off. Tell Siri to switch off Bluetooth and it will do it.

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