Fortnite Game

Fortnite is a popular online video game, which comes with a couple of game modes to play. One of the modes-Fortnite: Battle Royale is a completely free game mode in which 100 online players fight-off against each other, with the last person alive winning the game. You can either play it as a single player or in a team of two or four. This skill-building game will test your patience and endurance because you have to focus more on survival rather than killing your enemies. It has destructible environments and has regular player combats and offers an amazing experience to the players.

Here is a guide for all those new players, who are just starting to play Fortnite Battle Royale online game.

  • First download the free version of Fortnite: Battle Royale on Windows from the Epic Games (game developer) website. If you want to play on PlayStation, XBOX, iPhone, Android or Mac, you can download the game from their respective app stores
  • Open the game and create an account with your First Name, Last Name, email address and display name
  • The game gives you three options to play – Solo, Duo and Squads
    • In Solo, you have to fight off your enemies all alone
    • In Duo, you have a teammate to fight against 49 other teams
    • In Squads, You are a team of four to fight against 24 teams

Select one of the options and Click on Play. You will have to wait for some time until the lobby fills up with all 100 players.

  • There are some conventions in this game that you have to be familiar with
    • The entry is the same for everyone. All the players begin in a flying bus from which each of them has to jump and land on an island
    • Every player will have a pickaxe in their inventory to start with. You can use this pickaxe to attack other players or gather resources that can be used for building homes or structures like barricades, towers, etc
    • At certain times during the game, there will be a storm, which will shrink the map and make the outer parts unplayable. If you get stuck in the storm, you will lose your health quickly, ultimately losing your life. This brings the remaining players together, making the player combat more interesting
  • The storm appears at every 3-minute interval on the outskirts and keeps growing, to keep the remaining Fortnite players together. The storm is a reason for many deaths during the mid-part of the game so you have to make sure you are away from the storm while battling with other players.
  • You begin the game with only a pickaxe in your inventory. It can be used to attack other players until you have other deadly weapons but you need to acquire the necessary weapons as soon as possible. There are shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, etc that can be used to win those conflicts in the game.
  • The pickaxe will help you in collecting resources like wood, rocks, etc, which can be used for building homes, walls, towers, and much more. These can be used as shelters for protection from your enemies. You can also hide in existing homes or bushes if you are low on resources. As the game progresses, many players will be closely located in an area and can be found hiding in bushes or homes. You have to be careful at that time of the game as your enemy can emerge from anywhere to kill you. If you don’t have a decent weapon compared to your enemy, consider hiding in a spot rather than attacking him/her as a better armed player (with good skills) usually wins the combat.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is an exciting game and has quickly become popular among the masses. According to reports, by June 2018, 125 million players have played this game. It is not an easy game to play but when you have played a few games, you will have skills and experience to win the player battles.

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