iOS 9, the latest version of the iOS operating system has been out there for a long time now.

Compared to the previous versions of the iOS, the new iOS 9 operating system is packed with a lot of new features. The new low power mode and the ‘Back Button’ are among the most useful functions brought in by Apple with the new version of iOS.

These new features will change the way you experience your Apple device, and also help you get the most out of your iPhone/ iPad. Let us see what all new things Apple is offering to its customers with the new iOS 9 operating system.

1. Siri – More Smarter Than Before

In the new iOS 9, Apple has enhanced the capabilities of Siri. Now Siri can do basic math functions, and also conversion of units.

  • You will get answers from Siri for questions like ‘How many miles is 10 Kilometres?’.
  • You can also set contextual reminders using Siri.
  • You can now set reminders based on your location.
  • Siri could also show you photos by date on your command.

Siri has been made much smarter than what it was before.

2. New Low Power Mode for iPhone

For iPhone, Apple has now introduced a low power mode in the new iOS. When your iPhone’s battery level goes below 20 percent, a new message will pop up on your screen to warn you about the low battery level.

Then it will also offer you to switch to the newly added low power mode. If you activate this mode, then it will reduce animations, and also reduce the time before the screen darkens.

The new power mode will optimize your phone for low power operation. The low power mode can also be manually activated from the new battery section in settings. This feature is shown as a green icon and is placed in the same grouping as the general section in settings.

3. Enhanced Security Pass Code With 6 Digit

Apple has now incorporated a 6 digit passcode option in the new iOS as part of its enhanced focus on security. In the previous iOS versions there was only the 4 digit option.

But if you are not too fond of using 6 digits, then there is the old 4 digit passcode option still available for you. You can switch between the 6 digit and 4 digit passcode options in settings. It is placed under Touch ID and Passcode section.

4. Multitasking Function For Ipad

Apple fans have been looking forward to having this amazing feature on their devices, and with the new iOS, Apple has made this feature available for iPad. With this new feature, if you have any app open on your screen, then by simply swiping from right will allow you to pick any other app. With this new multitasking feature, you can use two apps simultaneously without switching your app screens. Both applications can be viewed side by side on the same screen.

5. New IOS Is Lighter And Requires Less Space To Install

Unlike the previous versions of iOS, the new iOS 9 is much lighter and requires a lesser amount of space to install. The iOS 8 update installation file was a whopping 4.5 GB. The new iOS 9, on the other hand, requires less than 1.5 GB for the initial download. The other necessary files are streamed online when needed. Even then if you are out of space on your device, it also offers you to temporarily uninstall apps from your device and then reinstalls them back on the device once the updating is completed.

6. New Shortcuts For Cut, Copy, And Paste On Keyboard

To the on screen keyboard of the new iOS 9, Apple has added shortcuts for cut, copy, and paste. The shortcuts will vary depending on the app you are in, but you will always get Cut (scissors), Copy (a square and dotted square), and Paste (a solid square and clipboard) shortcuts on the keyboard. In apps such as notes, if the space is tight, these three shortcuts may be hidden together under a single icon: the scissors.

7. Updated And Improved Notes App

The Notes app has been completely updated and improved in the new iOS 9. It is clearly built for the new iPad Pro, and is definitely one of the best new features in the new OS. For iPad Pro, it comes with a bunch of drawing tools. Notes app for iPhones and regular iPads also has got some great new features. The newly added to do list creator is a really helpful feature as it lets you easily make quick reminder lists.

8. New Android Migration Assistant App

Apple has also added a new app called Android Migration Assistant. This will be really helpful for all those new Apple users who are moving from their old Android devices.

The Android Migration Assistant app helps in moving user data such as contacts, email accounts, photos, music, wall paper, web history, and any DRM free books and songs from the android device to your iPhone.

The app will also go through the list of apps that the user has installed in the old android phone, and then suggests their equivalent apps available on App Store. If the user had any paid apps installed on the old device, the migration app will add all such apps to the iTunes wish list in the new phone.

9. Changes With Flash

In the new iOS 9, you have the option to switch on and switch off the camera flash while recording any video.

10. New Back Button

One of the handiest features of the new iOS 9 is the new back button. You will see a new back icon on the top left of the screen when you navigate from one app to another by direct jump, or using the notification pull down menu. The new back to button will take you back to the previous app, but this option will not work if you have moved to the home screen while switching between the apps.

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