Anagram Solver Basic App

This Anagram Maker app does not require any installation other than MS Excel.

It requires MS Excel to be already installed with VBA macros enabled. This app is developed using MS Excel Vba macro programming.

You can input any word in this app. It has a limitation of maximum 8 letters for a word. Then click on Anagram solve button.

The app will solve the anagram for the input word & generate 2 type of outputs.

  1. One with all possible combination of words
  2. Other that has only meaningful words.

The meaningful words are the one that are present in system dictionary installed for user’s system  language.

Download Anagram Maker/Solver App

Here is the download link for the Anagram solver app – Basic version.

Dwonload Anagram Maker/Solver Basic App from Officetricks – Downloaded 235 Times

This is a basic version, because it accepts only 8 letter words maximum & produces only fixed length output.

For example: If you input a 5 letter word, then all the output words will be of length 5 letters.

You can pick any of it as per your game rules. To know more about what an anagram is, read this page.

This anagram solver forms the basis for the games Scrabble & Clabbers. Want to know an intersting gact about this games.

Both these game names are itself are anagrams formed from same letter combinations.