Anagrams – Solving the Game

Aren’t these words curious & interesting? State = Taste Bored = Robed Save = Vase Angel = Glean Stressed = Desserts  What are these called? These are the Anagrams Let us learn more about it. What is Anagram? An anagram is a game on words played by rearranging the letters […]

Excel VBA Check for Anagram words

Check if Two words are Anagram Anagrams are two or more different words with same combination of letters. For example: now, won, own How do we compare & verify if the two words are Anagrams or not? We can follow different logic, as discussed in here. VBA code to Check […]

Winged Messenger Crossword Clue

The crossword puzzle is one of the brilliant game for all age groups. Following is the synonyms, crossword Answers and other related words found the word named WINGED MESSENGER. WINGED MESSENGER [hermes] We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word hermes will help you to finish your […]