Find Lost Phone – Android, iPhone, Windows – Track Missed Mobile

It happened to me a few weeks before – just recently.

Felt so desperate to get my lost phone back. My cricket team mates Syed, Viji along with Arun, Ashok’s phone & whole team’s support – I was able to trace it back. Even after so many days of that incident, I still get teased for this & we all laugh about that memorable moment.

I have heard about these tricks on how to find lost phone. But I didn’t take it serious, until it happened to me.

Truth is, It really saves lot of money, if you know these tricks.

What methods are available? To Track Lost Phone – Lock – Erase – Reset

You should act fast & follow these steps, before someone removes or switch off the mobile.

There are 3 ways to track your mobile, erase your mobile data etc.,

  1. Internet Required: Track, Ring, Lock, Reset.
  2. Sim is still Active: Track Location, Ring – using App.
  3. IMEI: Lost all hope. Try this with your service provider.

First 2 methods are promising, if you act faster, as soon as you lost the phone. Last method is just a hopeless one.

1. Internet is Active in Lost Phone

Read the steps – from the official pages of your Operating system providers.

These links list the exact steps you need to do to track your lost mobile.

2. Track thru SMS

This requires any one of these software installed in your mobile. You just need to send an SMS command to your lost mobile number.

Android App: Find my phone by SMS by Zelig Eran, Locate via SMS by Ivaylo Dimitrov

iPhone/Windows Phone: I am not able to find such app for these devices. If you find any place drop a comment.

If the software is active, then you have a good chance of recovering it. I have not tested these apps yet. If you get any chance to test it, please let me know.

3. IMEI – Note it down in your eMail now

There are less chances that you could recover your phone.

But some website suggest that you can lock your phone & stop the mobile data being copied.

Mobile data like photos, contacts, sms data, Money wallets etc., might be erased or locked from being used by unauthorized person.

Better late than never. Install a good app like that one in option 2.

How I actually Found Lost Phone in My case?

Back to the story again.

While I was on the way to Cricket ground, I kept my phone in front bike cover & did close it properly. So, it fell down somewhere while I was driving.

I realized it only after reaching the cricket ground. Searched all my pockets, rechecked bike cover in hope that I could find it.

Unfortunately, it was not found. I just passed on the info to my team mates. Then myself, Syed & Viji tried to back-trace the route from Cricket ground till the point I had a call on the way (around 2.5 kms stretch road).

We tried to make call to my phone. It was ringing, but no one picked it up.

Luckily, I had my Jio wifi device & my phone’s wifi was connected to it. So I just did these steps in no hope.

  1. Logged into google in my Arun’s (Team mate’s) phone.
  2. Typed in “Locate my Phone” in Google.
  3. Google displayed a Map with option to Ring, Recover my phone.
  4. I Signed-in again & clicked “Ring”

I again walked few meters & I heard my phone ringing nearby inside a house, located just aside the road.

I went near to that house. Double checked again by clicking “Ring” option – to ensure that it is my phone that rings.  Yes. It is mine.

Then, I got it back from the house in-mates. Thanked them for safeguarding my phone that fell on the road. The screen guard was completely shattered just like in that image above.

But, I got my lost phone back again. 🙂 . Such incidents does not come announced. So, install a good app that gives a better chance for recovering your lost phone.

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