Bitcoin Chart – Market Trend – Current Price

Do you want a Bitcoin chart or Current Price to be displayed in your website main content or sidebars. Well then. It just takes 1 minute to add it. Do you wanna know how?

Before presenting the code. Lets see what are the free Charts or Information blocks that we can display for your readers. All these widgets are from the 2 providers Bitcoin. Com & Coindesk.

1.Bitcoin Dot Com – Price Ticker Widgets

This website provides much more options that the other provider. This one even as options to display current trending news, discussion from its boards etc., You can use any of these which might be useful for your readers.

It is price ticker that displays the current trading price of Bitcoin. Also it shows the current trend, whether the price is going up or down.

Current Trading Price: 

Market Performance chart:

Bitcoin News:

Just copy this code to any part of your website html body, save it & refresh the page.

<div class="btcwdgt-news"></div>
  (function(b,i,t,C,O,I,N) {
    window.addEventListener('load',function() {
      I.src=t;;N.parentNode.insertBefore(I, N);

Reference: Check this page for a full list of scripts & options provided.

2. Coindesk Widgets

Price Ticker widget from Coindesk. I have to agree that the code is much more simpler than the previous one.

<div id="coindesk-widget"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Reference: check this page for complete reference about the code and available options.

The providers have made it so simple, that the users don’t even have to have any programming knowledge. Just copy paste the code & it just works fine.

If there are any interesting widgets that you come across, please consider leaving a note in the below comments.