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    Historical Stock Quotes are required as a first data item when you considering buying a stock. Lets say you are investigating GOOG stock listed in the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.  You can download the Historical Stock Quotes to Excel using Google Finance with the help of Easy VBA Macro.

    If you are looking for downloading Live Stock Quotes in Excel, you could refer to this article.

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    How to Get Historical Stock Quotes in Excel

    Historical Stock Prices in Excel Using Google Finance

    Get Historical Stock Quotes in Excel Using Google Finance

    Get Historical Stock Quotes in Excel Using Google Finance

    Historical Stock Quotes will return the values for parameters “Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume”. We need to pass the stock quote and the date range that we are looking for.

    Get Historical Prices in Excel

    Historical Stock Quotes in Excel – Input

    We need to construct Google Finance URL like this, “https://finance.google.com/finance/historical?q=NASDAQ:GOOG&startdate=Jan+1%2C+2016&enddate=May+19%2C+2017&num=500”.

    • q  – Stock Quote
    • startdate – Start Date
    • enddate – End Date
    • num – Number of data entries

    To get historical stock quotes from Google Finance, follow these steps.

    1. Open a new workbook, save it as Excel_Historical_Stock_Quotes.xlsm.
    2. In sheet 1, cells A2 enter “NASDAQ” and in B2 enter “GOOG” (in Row 2)
    3. In sheet 1, cells C2 enter “1/1/2016” and in D2 enter “5/19/2017″ (in Row 2)
    4. Press Alt+F11 to view VB editor.
    5. Copy paste the below code.
    6. Press F5 to execute the code.

    Once the code is executed you can get historical stock quotes in Excel updated from Google finance and displayed.

    You can enter as many Stock symbols in the Column ‘A’ and even get quotes value for a list of symbols. Ensure that there is no blank row in between the stock symbols. You could try this with various stock exchanges and stock symbols &  leave your valuable comments.

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