• Bitcoin Trading – Where to Start

    Be it Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency, check for the list of trustable sources from its official website. Here we have the list of website for Bitcoin and other such currencies.

    Trading in Bitcoin, Buying it for business needs or holding it as a asset/investment, many experts say it is too late now. It is at its peak. Before you decide something big with it, take every step very cautiously. Don’t just put all your savings and hard earned money into one single place which could fluctuate a lot.

    If you want to see how bad it could go, then watch this movie “Assault on Wall Street”.

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    Bitcoin Current Price – Trading chart

    Here is the current price & trend in the bitcoin market. If you want to see current price in your native Currency, thne click this Google instant search.

    Trade Bitcoin Online

    These are the list of best Bitcoin trading platforms available. Always refer to the official website bitcoin.org to save yourself from fake currency trading platforms.

    You could signup in any one of these trusted platforms, either from desktop, web or your smartphone app. Then start trading after signup with a wallet or with your bank accounts. Just like the Share markets, you may have to pay a commission as fees for each transaction done – buy/sell.

    PlatformMac/Windows/LinuxAndroidIOSWindows PhoneWeb
    Bitcoin CoreY
    Bitcoin KnotsY
    Simple BitcoinY
    Bitcoin WalletY

    Source: From bitcoin.org

    The above is not the complete list of Wallets. There are much famous wallets or market places like Coinbase that are widely used by so many investors, but still it is not listed here. The reason being, it is not approved by bitcoin as a safe place yet.

    Reference: Bitcoin’s incompatibility with these services listed here.

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    List of Crypto Currency

    There are too many in the list that we might think. So I have added only 10 here. The first 3 are the most famous among current trending markets.

    1. Bitcoin (BTC)
    2. Litecoin (LTC)
    3. Ethereum (ETH)
    4. Monero (XMR)
    5. Namecoin (NMC)
    6. Titcoin (TIT)
    7. PotCoin (POT)
    8. Zcash (ZEC)
    9. Ripple (XRP)
    10. IOTA
    11. Dash

    For further list of all the available cryptocurrency in the market, refer this page from wikipedia. Trade cleverly & do not ever put all your money into it. It is already in peak level.

    It is really tough for a beginner to Bitcoin now, because it is too costly. In that case, you can use the Bitcoin mining, in which you can buy a part or percentage of a bitcoin. Or you could choose Ethereum or  Litecoin.

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    • Bharath

      Please include Coinbase in your list. It is one of the commonly used app in US to buy Bitcoin / Ethereum & Litecoin.

      • Thanks for the comment. I did a bit of research on why I or bitcoin.org didnot list this. Then I found this page.
        Reference: https://bitcoin.org/en/alert/2017-10-09-segwit2x-safety
        Coinbase and other such wallets are widely used. But it is listed as a controversial & not so safe market place for storing bitcoins (stated by bitcoin.org itself.) 🙁 .
        Hope people’s money does not vanish from these wallets or market place. I will add a note about this in the article. 🙂 BTW. is that you Bharath (CTS HN?)