Aren’t these words curious & interesting?

  • State = Taste
  • Bored = Robed
  • Save = Vase
  • Angel = Glean
  • Stressed = Desserts 

What are these called? These are the Anagrams

Let us learn more about it.

What is Anagram?

Anagram Solver Game Maker
Anagram Solver Game Maker

An anagram is a game on words played by rearranging the letters of the original word to create a new word or phrase.

Anagram examples can be fun, witty and they often end in hilarious results. The anagrams will add suspense even to the creator.

Little History about Anagram: Anagrams is from the time of the Ancient Greeks. It is known as “Themuru” or changing, which was to find the hidden & mystical meaning in names.

Anagram Examples & Solving the Puzzle

For example, let’s look at the word “anagram” itself.

These letters can be rearranged to make another phrase: ‘nag a ram’

  • The word or phrase from which we are going to rearrange is known as the subject of the anagram.
  • Any word or phrase that exactly rearranged the letters in another order is an anagram.

Someone who is an expert in this field of anagrams may be called an “anagrammatists “. The goal of a serious or skilled anagrammatist is to produce anagrams that reflect or comment on their subject

How to Solve Anagrams?

  1. Break up the anagram; write down all of the letters in a different pattern. You won’t be able to find a new phrase or word if you keep staring at the same one that’s already in front of you. The letters will be a mess, but keep reorganising them into a pattern or shape that will help.
  2. Draw a shape & write the letters around it, like circle Or star so that the concentration on forming of words may be improved.
  3. The most commonly used shape is a circle. You can rotate your circle in all ways to have a different aspect of understanding of words.
  4. Continuous rearranging of your letters is important because it gives your mind new ways to look at various formations of the same letters. Sometimes you need a fresh viewpoint because staring at the same form may provide ambiguity.

Important points to note about Anagrams:

  • It is important to note that the word or phrases that an anagram creates must be actual words or phrases, otherwise it is just gibberish.
  • But sometimes they do no mean anything since they are comedic in nature.

Some tips to do anagrams effectively:

You can create an anagram by taking the letters from a phrase of word and rearranging them to form new phrases and words.

Anagrams can be a random combination of letters or can resemble the real word. Your job is to use the letters available, without adding or subtracting, to uncover the hidden word or phrase.

If you are pretty good with program, You can build you own anagram solver, get help from online anagram sovlers and use this Anagram Excel app.