How to Click Hyperlink in Excel with VBA Macro?

There are 2 methods available to click a hyperlink in Excel.

Both the methods do open the URL in the default browser or open the corresponding file in the default application.

Here is the code demonstrates both methods.

Sub follow_hyperlink()
    'Follow Hyperlink Examples - Officetricks
    Dim ihyperLink As Hyperlink
    Dim wSh As Worksheet
    Set wSh = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1)
    'Method 1: Follow using a URL
    ThisWorkbook.FollowHyperlink ""
    'Mehod 2: Follow using HYperlink in Cell
    For Each ihyperLink In wSh.Hyperlinks
End Sub

The first methods uses the workbook objects .FollowHyperlink function. It takes the url as parameter.

Whereas in the second method, the code loops thru all the hyperlinks present in the worksheet. Opens the hyperlink on by one using the Hyperlink objects .Follow function.

Both the function have few more parameters.

In one of that, You can also specify whether the Hyperlink should be opened as new window or as a tab in existing Browser application.