Engineering Unit Conversion Table In Excel

If you want to convert kg to lbs, meter to feet or liter to gallon -this Engineering Unit Converter Excel app can perform all these basic conversions.

  • Weight: gram, kilogram,ounce,ton,pound,stone
  • Length: meter, centimeter, millimeter, kilometer, mile, yard, feet, inch
  • Volume: liter, ounce, gallon

Units that correspond to Length (feet to meters), Weight (kg to pounds) & Volume (liters to gallon) can be converted with this free app.

Download Unit Conversion Table in Excel Downloaded 797 Times

In addition, it also has a Unit Conversion Table within it. This table provides measurements to the lowest unit & how to use the built in Excel formula ‘=Convert’.

Note: If it is just simple ‘feet to meters’ or ‘1 mile in feet’ , then just use the quick Excel function explained at end of page.

Convert Kg to Lbs – Feet to Meters – Mile in Feet

The Excel sheet in this app is divided into three segments – one for each Measurement Segment.

This app does not use the built in function. Instead it uses numeric calculations defined within the Excel VBA code.

How to Use this App?

  1. Download this Unit Conversion Excel app.
  2. Save it in your local folder.
  3. Open the Excel file.
  4. Enable the macros & editing if requested.
  5. Enter Units to be converted & Click “Convert’ button.

Enter the measured number to be converted in column 2 against any unit. Then Excel will automatically calculate the corresponding units & display in adjacent table.

Download Unit Conversion Table in Excel Downloaded 797 Times

If the conversion does not happen automatically, then press the button “Convert”. To proceed with next conversion, then press “Clear” button & start over.

Excel Formula for Kg to Pounds, Mt to Ft, Liter to Gal?

There is a build in function in Excel to do these Unit conversions.

In Worksheet, we can use the formula  “=CONVERT (Number, Unit From, Unit To)”.


  • =CONVERT(1000,”g”,”lbm”)   <-1 kg to lbs = 2.204622622
  • =CONVERT(1,”m”,”ft”)   <-1 meter to feet = 3.280839895
  • =CONVERT(1,”mi”,”ft”) <- 1 mile in feet is 5280 units
  • =CONVERT(1,”gal”,”l”) <- 1 gallon to liter = 3.785411784
  • =convert(1,’ft’,’m’) <- 1 feet to meters is 0.3048 Units

Thanks to Hossein Satour for suggesting this function name in comments section.

Excel Unit Conversion – Additional References

For more unit names used in this function, refer this page from Microsoft. The same function is used in the Advanced Tab in the above Excel download.

These days, Google itself will do its conversion directly from its search results page. If there is too much of unit conversion needed within your automation, then use the functions explained in this page.

If you have other conversion to be included with this app, leave it in the comments. Provide units & its conversion table that would benefit the readers.

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  1. thank you, but there are some mistakes. for example 1cm = 100mm!! or 1m = 10cm !!
    we can also use the Excel function CONVERT() which has a many unit conversion.
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