Calculate Percentage in Excel

Percentage can be explained as a proportion or ratio between two numbers in 100 scale. i.e., 250 out of 1000 is 25% (i.e., 250 : 1000 is equivalent to 25 : 100).

There can be 2 scenarios You would like to calculate percentage in Excel.

Let’s see them with a simple example …

1. Calculate Percentage from a Number against a Total

For example, You would like to calculate what percentage is 230 out of 800. Here 800 is the Total. So, the actual mathematical formula to calculate percentage would be: (230/800) * 100 = 28.75

So, it is 28.75:100 is equivalent to 230:800.

How to calculate this Excel? Here are the easy steps to solve this ..

  1. Type =230/800 in worksheet cell A1
  2. Press ‘Enter’ to get the decimal number 28.75
  3. Select cell A1
  4. Press this shortcut key now.
    • Press Ctrl + Shift + % (Keyboard shortcut to Percentage format)
    • or click on Menu -> Home -> Number Tab -> %

This function just converts the decimal format to a Percentage format.

So this is how we calculate a Percentage of a number against a grand total & then represent it in proper format with a % symbol.

2. Derive Number from Percentage of a Total

This is opposite of the calculation explained above. i.e., We are going to find out what is 28.75% of 800.

Mathematical formula here is to multiple the Percentage & the grant total.

This will give what percentage of grand total is the n%.

In real life scenario: If someone has to give you a commission of 28.75% of 800$, that means you will get 230$. Here is how it is done in Excel.

Yes. It is nothing new. It is just a multiplication to be true. Type in these values as explained:

  1. 28.75% in cell A1
  2. 800 in cell A2
  3. Enter the formula ‘=A1*A2’ in cell A3.

Thats it.

Additional Notes: While using the % format changer from menu, Excel might round of the numbers. If you would like to the decimal points to be displayed: then right click on the cell & use the format option to add number of decimals you would like to see in the results.

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