How do you check your internet usage and optimize it?

These days, every member in family has mobile phones. And it is more likely that everyone could be using smart phones just the manufacturer and model differs. Everyone use Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, Chat Messengers etc., which consumes a lot of data usage on android, iOS, Windows and other smartphones.

To reduce Internet bandwidth and efficiently utilize data usage on Android phones, the methods explained below would be considerably useful. The 3rd method would interest you more.

1. Revise Data Usage Settings – Mobile Internet

Go to Settings -> Connections -> Data Usage and press Left button for additional options.

A Pop will appear with below options.

  • Data Roaming
  • Restrict Background Data
  • Auto Sync data
  • Show Wi-fi Usage
  • Mobile Hotspots

Uncheck option 1 & 3, Enable check for option 2. This will avoid Automatic and background sync of data.

How do you check your internet usage in Android?

Under this same ‘Data Usage’ setting you can also see how much data is used in Mobile Data and Wifi Connection. Also, you can set a limit in this setting and restrict Mobile from using further internet data.

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2. Network Bandwidth Monitor

Android Data usage setting also provides a very useful facility. It provides app wise listing of data usage. i.e., it shows each app that is using internet and also how much data is used by each app. Check it often and uninstall apps that are not much important to you.

Use a best Bandwidth Monitor App to keep track of how much internet is used and also constantly keep a check on Internet speed.

3. Does ‘Play Store’ Software Updates eating your Internet Bandwidth?

Here is how you can minimize Internet Bandwidth for Play Store App Updates. This method just works fine if you are in a group of people sharing same Internet connection through a Wi-Fi Router device or using same Android Version.

In this case, it is more likely that every Android phone needs an update more frequently for installed Play Store Applications. Consider an app update is 20 MB in size. If 5 members update it, it becomes 100 MB. This would consume lot of your internet bandwidth. To avoid this, do these simple steps.

Consider, you have Facebook or WhatsApp app in your mobile and 4 of your friends around you. Now follow these steps.

  1. Install ‘Super Backup’ App from Play Store in every phone. (or any other App that can backup Android applications)
  2. Now, Update the Facebook, WhatsApp or any other App that needs a software update.
  3. Once update is done, go to Super Backup and check whether latest updated Apps are backed up to its folder.
  4. Once this is done, you can find an .apk file in its folder for the latest updated software.
  5. Now, share these latest <app>.apk files to your friends through Wifi Sharing or Bluetooth.

This way, all of your Friends mobiles are updated with latest Android App, but without wasting much of Internet Bandwidth. In our scenario, you have saved 80 MB of data, just for one App. Now think about how much you can save.

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4. Chrome – Revise Web browser Option – Reduce Data Usage

Google provides advanced options to reduce your data usage when connected to internet.

Open Your Chrome browser in Android Mobile phone. Go to Settings Page by pressing left options button in your mobile. If you Chrome is updated version, then it will have a options ‘Reduce Data Usage’.

Switch this option ‘ON’. Chrome will take care of automatic optimization of when you browse any page in internet. Once you switch on this option, Chrome will display you how much percentage of data it was able to optimize for your device.

These are only few options. Read more options from other websites also, to optimize your phone to the maximum.

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