How To Delete Message From Facebook Messenger?

You can delete a single message at a time from both the mobile app version of Facebook Messenger & the desktop version of Messenger, but you cannot delete multiple messages at once. Keep in mind that deleting a message will only remove it from your side of the conversation; the […]

Facebook Messenger Streaks Feature

Facebook Streaks Facebook Messenger is testing a streaks feature to show users how long and how often they’ve been messaging their friends Facebook is now setting a new feature named streaks that is a most common feature on Snapchat, an addictive game that encourages friends to send messages to each […]

Is it Safe to Install GB Whatsapp?

Is GB WhatsApp Risk? Both GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp are almost same in terms of interface, installation, sending and receiving messages. The only difference between them is the additional hacks and features provided by the GB WhatsApp. If you are a user who need to deal with sensitive data for business, […]

#NoForwardsDay – New WhatsApp Texting Pattern that Would Make You Go Crazy

Download the Schedule Remainder for your Calendars to control the Junk messages. Do not send any forwarded messages on these days. WhatsApp was once a wonderful messaging app and now slowly converting to a trash with lots of Junk forwards. This is just a first step towards making any messenger effective and we share only that matters. As individuals we need to verify each message just blindly hitting copy + share to Group Chats in Whatsapp.