Facebook Streaks

Facebook Messenger is testing a streaks feature to show users how long and how often they’ve been messaging their friends

Facebook is now setting a new feature named streaks that is a most common feature on Snapchat, an addictive game that encourages friends to send messages to each other.

Streaks include an emoji status to indicate friends that a user is currently in a streak with – who they’ve messaged for at least three days in a row – and encourages them to keep chatting to keep the streak alive.

A spokesperson for Facebook Messenger who spoke to Mashable confirmed its testing of the feature,

 Expected Features in Facebook Streaks

  • Streak has more games in the app experience and can keep us engaged with it. They can be thought of as a way to score or quantify friendships and are a tried and tested way to keep people in-app. Snapchat has had enormous success retaining younger users in this regard, and these users sometimes go to great lengths to preserve their streaks with their friends.
  • Also a lightning bolt may appear next to the name of a person you’ve messaged with for at least three days in a row, and a counter will indicate how many consecutive days you’ve been chatting.
  • Messenger is ramping up on monetization, and keeping users in-app is key. To receive stories like this one directly to your inbox every morning,

But they also have disadvantagess — in terms of user experience and design ethics.

  • The  urge to maintain streaks can degrade the quality of communication as people begin to send each other spammy or pointless messages.
  • Meanwhile, the social pressure and addictive behavior that stems from Snapstreaks have caused some critics to label it as an unethical app design.

A new renewing and enjoyable feature is expected soon and this can keep us even more connected wiith people atleast online all the time .

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