Is GB WhatsApp Risk?

Both GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp are almost same in terms of interface, installation, sending and receiving messages.

The only difference between them is the additional hacks and features provided by the GB WhatsApp. If you are a user who need to deal with sensitive data for business, Government officials, and other confidential  purposes then GB WhatsApp is not your choice anymore .

On another hand, if you just want to make your friend fool or want to hide your WhatsApp status information and the custom looks of the WhatsApp then you can go for GBWhatsApp.

The real reasons for GB WhatsApp may be fake and can endanger our mobile and privacy :

  1. Whatsapp is not open-source platform :

This  means that nobody can copy-paste the code by making a few changes and launch it as a separate product. Such apps are cloned and might steal your information by adding few extra lines of code.

  1. Not on app store :

The one reason which everyone would agree is that this app is not found in app stores mostly . They do not comply with the rules and policies of these app stores which eventually tells us that the app may be a curse .

  1. You’ll get banned :

There are many reports by the people who used fake or cloned apks like GB WhatsApp were banned by the official WhatsApp . The reason behind the ban is the usage of cloned apps

Be it GB Whatsapp, Blue Whatsapp, ABCD Whatsapp, P2 Whatsapp or any other cloned application: don’t use it unless it has the proper approval throughout

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