How To Download Whatsapp Status Video?

The trending videos were first found in Facebook and in YouTube now even simple and handy options available , the  WhatsApp story status . The eagerness to download videos for future is more in WhatsApp as the status we upload will be deleted automatically within 24 hours of time

There is two way to download photo or video from new feature of WhatsApp Status 1st From the cache memory and 2nd By using an app

1. Download Whatsapp Video – Cache Memory

Every time you watch a video or photo it get saved in WhatsApp folder automatically. From which you can download them just by following steps:

  1. 1st start by watching  other WhatsApp users status
  2. Go to Phone storage
  3. Whatsapp Folder
  4. to Media folder
  5. see last status folder it will have all  your seen status

From there you can use it for your stories and u can even share it with it contacts etc.the easy way

2. Save Whatsapp Status Video – Using The App

If the above method seems too much technical to you. Here is the easy workaround, that can fetch you the Whatsapp status video songs easily.

  1. Install Whatsapp Status Downloader app
  2. Open WhatsApp and show status
  3. Status Video songs are in downloader app.

Now, these downloaded videos can be shared with your other friends or you can use it in any ways as you like.

Why Whatsapp Status Video is 30 Seconds?

The duration of Whatssapp status video is reduced to 30 seconds . There are some reasons behind it and those are:

  1. WhatsApp Status Videos are same of the Instagram stories which originated from Snapchat. The status video is supposed to contain a short video update about whats going on with you and nott a whole music video or several minutes long update.
  2. Also whatsapp is an instant messenger to chat with others and Whatsapp video is just an additional feature to it.
  3. Everything you send or post on whatsapp is stored at the whatsapp server temporarily until the receiver receives it, like messages, pictures and videos you send to your friends. Your whatsapp DP, Status and Whatsapp status pictures and videos are stored on whatsapp servers. So it would be beneficial for them to limit the status to 30 seconds to save the server space as well as the loading time of the video as shorter video will take less time to load.
  4. Your smartphone uses your mobile data or wifi data to load and download a copy of the status video on your phone, so it is a advantage for your too that the whatsapp status video is limited to 30 seconds.

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