How to send/view SMS in PC?

A recent update from Android enables us to check the SMS messages from within a web browser. Also, we can send new SMS messages.

Though we are used to chat messengers like Whatsapp, still we get many of the OTP messages for different login verification as a traditional SMS message.

With this new update, you dont have to search for your android phone to view those verification OTP messages or a bank tansaction alert.

Steps to Enable Sms for Web

Here is how you can do this. It is nothing new than what we already do with whatsapp web

  1. In your pc, browse this url: messages for web
  2. This will display a QRCode.
  3. Open messages in your Android phone. (Make sure a wifi or mobile network is enabled)
  4. Click on Settings -> Device Pairing -> Scan QRCode
  5. Scan the QRCode in the web page with your Android smartphone cam

That’s it. Wait for few seconds. The SMS messages from your phone will be visible right on the browser.

Now, You can send or view sms from right within the browser.

More details about this can be found in this Google official web page.

Pre-Requisites to enable Web SMS

As per the notes from the above mentioned Google web page, these are the points that are required to enable this web SMS options.

  1. Your smartphone should have Android 5.0  or more
  2. PC/Mac should have one of these browsers – Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge
  3. Active Internet connection – Wifi or mobile data enabled.
  4. Message app in smartphone should be updated to latest one in Play store.

If you are still not able to enable this options, check the Google page and get it resolved from their customer support. Hope this was useful.