Get Youtube link with Time Parameter (Android/PC)

To timespamp a video url or to get the Youtube video link URL with current time, you can use one of these methods.

  1. Append the Youtube video link with “?t=” time in seconds
  2. Right click on video & choose “Copy video url at current time”
  3. Drag video to specific time, click “share” just below the video & enable checkbox “Start at”

Note: First methods works in Android or PC. Other 2 is available only in PC browsers.

With these methods, if the end use clicks the link, the video will start to play from the time mentioned in the url.

This reduces the time spent in dragging the video play pointer to specific time, if it is a very lengthy video.

Creating Youtube Video link with time – Android/PC

You can get the link to the Youtube video from the url bar or by clicking the share button present just below the video.

Example URL:

If you would like to mention a time like 2 mins. then convert time in seconds and add “?t=120”. For just make this video to start from 7th second.

Example URL with time spamp:

This is how you can add timestamps to youtube urls whether it is PC or android. The other 2 methods mentioned works only in PC browsers and not in Android Youtube App.

Youtube video URLs

The time spent on videos are increasing day by day. People love to watch videos, be it for entertainment or educational. So, the data overload era is gone and it is all video overload.

Consider there is an interesting part or significant information present in the middle of a lengthy video. You want to share this video with a note “watch from 45th second”.

other wise, You can also use on of the above listed methods to enable your friends to watch the video from specific time.

External Reference: Learn more about this from this link as well.