How to enable JavaScript in different browsers?

JavaScript should be enabled in the browser if a website has functionalities implemented in js. For example, HTML form validations, Advertisements, Popup menus, Button click events etc.,

Lets see how to enable JavaScript in these browsers:

  1. Chrome
  2. IE
  3. Firefox
  4. Opera
  5. Safari

If JavaScript is not enabled, then browsers will not show the corresponding section properly or it may give notification to user to enable the option to view the page properly.

So, here are the steps to make it work.

1.How to enable JavaScript in Chrome?

Open Google Chrome browser & follow these steps or use the direct link:

  1. Click on Right Top 3 dots.
  2. Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Site Settings -> JavaScript
  3. Click on “Allowed” option
  4. Or use this link chrome://settings/content/javascript

By default, this will enable JavaScript for all websites.  Just below this option, there are features to selectively allow or block JavaScript for specific website urls or domains.

2. How to enable JavaScript for Firefox?

In newer version of Firefox, Javascript is automatically enabled. In case it is disabled accidentally, then follow this steps.

  1. Enter ‘about:config’ in address bar.
  2. click ‘Accept Risk & continue’ in Proceed with caution page
  3. Search for “JavaScript.Enabled”
  4. If it is false, double on it.
  5. This will change to True & enable Javascript.

In some older version of Firefox, the option is available in Options -> Privacy & Security -> Content -> Javascript.

Once this options is set the Firefox browser can run JavaScript code from websites.

3. Enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer

Open IE browsers & follow these steps to enable JavaScript

  1. Click Tools (Alt + X)
  2. Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Custom Level
  3. Scroll towards end look for ‘Scripting’ section.
  4. Click Enable option ‘Active Scripting’
  5. Click ok.

This completes the process. But usually this will be enabled by default for Medium security options.

4. Enable JS for Opera

Open Opera browser & follow these steps:

  1. Opera button on top of browser
  2. Settings -> Quick Preferences -> Enable JavaScript

Refresh the page or restart the browser for this option to work.

5. Enable JavaScript for Safari Browser

Open Safari brower & follow these steps.

  1. Gear icon (Options icon)
  2. Preferences -> Security Tab
  3. Enable JavaScript.
  4. Click Ok.

This completes the option to enable JS scripts being executed by these 5 famous browsers. Also note that in each browser settings or options there is a search box these days.

You don’t to look for each option to find an option. Directly search for the option in this box. It will directly open the Javascript settings page if it is available in the browser.

External References: 

  1. From javascript enable page with major browser details.
  2. Google support page that explains enabling JavaScript for Chrome.

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