JavaScript Browser Detection

You might have seen many websites detecting your browser and displaying the details of your browser on the web pages or checking the version of the browser to tell you to upgrade the browser or sometimes the websites might only run on a certain version or higher. A common example […]

Session Storage in JavaScript

What is sessionStorage? sessionStorage is an object for the current session much like the localStorage, sessionStorage can also store data in the memory of the browser, but this data cannot persist over multiple sessions, it gets deleted after a page session is ended. Whenever a document is loaded in a […]

Local storage in JavaScript

What is localStorage in javascript? The local storage is the storage location provided by the browser and that allows us to store key/value pairs in a web browser to use at a later stage of time. The localStorage object stores the data without any expiration date, i.e. data stored in […]

JavaScript Map(), Reduce() array of objects

Functional programming techniques can help in making code easier to understand at a glance and read and test, Functional programming has been making quite a splash in the development world. Functional programming has its special lists of list operations they are exactly like array of things. The list items are […]

How to define and assign values to JavaScript arrays.

Array in JavaScript Arrays are variables that can store ordered collection of values in them which can be of different data types, with each having a numeric position known as an index. JavaScript follows a zero-based indexing scheme, meaning the index of the 1st element will start from 0, 2nd […]