IPL 2020 Points Table PDF – Winners List

Dream 11 – IPL 13 2020 Points Table IPL13 is proving to be tougher than any other season. New teams are coming up at the top of the points table. It’s only the starting. Let’s see who finishes in the top 4 positions. Pos Team Pld Won Lost Tied N/R […]

How to define and assign values to JavaScript arrays.

Array in JavaScript Arrays are variables that can store ordered collection of values in them which can be of different data types, with each having a numeric position known as an index. JavaScript follows a zero-based indexing scheme, meaning the index of the 1st element will start from 0, 2nd […]

How to run a .exe file using Python?

import sys, string, os os.popen(r”path”) To run the outside executable file in your computer through Python, this is the easiest way. You need to download an executable file and save it in a folder. Write the exe file path in the code above given. Now you can run the executable […]

How to shutdown a computer using Python?

import os os.system(‘shutdown -s’) This coding for shutdown the computer eventually. After running this code, a message saying “You are about to be signed out in less than a minute” We can avoid that message – os.system(‘shutdown -s -t 0’) instead of using os.system(‘shutdown -s’) will immediately get shut down.

How to get username in Python?

Print Current User Account Name in Python Here is the simple way to get the user name by using python code. You can get your username without making any changes in the below code. import getpass username = getpass.getuser() print (username) This command directly gets the user name and returns […]