Convert a XML file into a Excel Sheet

VBA Loads a XML file into a Excel Sheet An XML file is like a simple text file but structured in a predefined format using tags. Sometimes you need to view an XML file and do calculation on the data using Excel. The code below is used to open an […]

Excel VBA Code to Checks if File Exists in Path

Finding an existing file & its path using Excel VBA When writing Excel VBA code that works with external files like XML or JSON, it is important that you have controls in your code to check it the file exist. If your macro (VBA program) doesn’t find a file when […]

IPL 2020 Points Table PDF – Winners List

IPL 2021 Points table Note: Click on this link to get latest points table for IPL 2021. Dream 11 – IPL 13 2020 Points Table IPL13 is proving to be tougher than any other season. New teams are coming up at the top of the points table. It’s only the […]

How to define and assign values to JavaScript arrays.

Array in JavaScript Arrays are variables that can store ordered collection of values in them which can be of different data types, with each having a numeric position known as an index. JavaScript follows a zero-based indexing scheme, meaning the index of the 1st element will start from 0, 2nd […]