Step by Step to Install Python

  1. Download Install file for latest Python or the version that suits your application from this link.
  2. Python Install file can be downloaded from here.
  3. Download and click on the install file.
  4. Choose a folder to install the Python files.
  5. Click check box “Add Python x.x to Path”
    • This enables you to run python commands from command prompt from any folder.

This process will install the IDLE (Integrated Development Environment for Python) also.

It can be found in Programs -> Python -> IDLE.

From this Window, You can code your python programs and run them. Here is a hello world program that you can try with Python.

#Hello World Program in Python - This is a comment line
Print ("Hello World")

#Comment line starts with a hash symbol
#Print is the command to display messages
  1. Save this file to a path by pressing Ctrl + S.
  2. Press F5 to run this program.

A IDLE shell window will open up and display the message we specified in the program.

That is it, you are now a Python programmer who knows to write program and execute it. Just upgrade yourself with more commands and you will become expert very soon.

Jump start programs You can try within Officetricks

  1. Generate  Random numbers using Python
  2. List Files in a Folder using Python
  3. Get Logged in Username using Python

Programs in these links can be just copied and executed directly.

This Python programming language is proving to be very easy to learn & quick start with your software development projects.

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